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Narendra Mohan Yoddhey
Hi Friends

On 01st JUL 2008, CORDYS, a product based company came to UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD, (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh).

I am selected into Cordys and I want to share my experience with placement procedure. Total 52 students were there in beginning, & finally only two are selected. In first round 9 were shortlisted for Technical round out of which 4 were shortlisted for Final (HR) round. Finally two of them got selected.

Placement procedure cosisted of three rounds:: Written test, Technical Interview, HR.

Written test:
In written test there were about 65 (40 Aptitude + 25 Computer Related) questions and the time limit was 60 minutes. This test is MANUAL TEST and comprised of Psycometric test, aptitude, and basic computer related questions. There was 1/2 negative marking on Aptitude, & no negative marking on Computer Related questions.

Technical Interview:
This was about 90 minutes for me. Questions were started only from Aptitude (what was in written) and later from subjects such as DBMS, C, OS, CN, Software Engineering, JAVA, and other general questions.

First the interviewer posed questions to know whether I am really interested for joining Cordys or not.

1: They asked to write a program in any language which was asked in Written Aptitude Paper (Question is not in my mind, but it was completely logical as I can say), It took a long time to solve finally.

2: He gave two tables, table \'A\' consists of eid, prjtid table \'B\' consists of prjtid, prjtname and asked to select those students who work on a particular prjt name.

3: Asked on \'c\' Linked List, circularly doubly linked list and practical examples for that.

4: OS questions, like Demand Paging, Virtual Memory Concepts, Deadlock concept with real-time example, etc.

5: Some basic questions related to Computer Network.

The overall questions what they asked, I answered very comfortably, & with confidence.

HR (Near around 150 minutes)

- Tell abt your self and family
- Appreciable work you have done in your previous life.
- Strengths, weakness, hobbies etc. What you planned to remove your weakness?
- Priority related question, like which one u\'ll gv first priority after joining: CORDYS or your FAMILY.

Some Technical question was asked in this round also.

1. Let us suppose you need to tell all the features of OOPS to your Grand-Father, who doesn\'t know even a single letter of Computer. What real life example will you give to make him clear.

2. They asked to write a program to find the angle based on clock time.

3. Some DBMS query basically it was from JOIN operation.

4. Finally they asked a very twisted kind of question, like suppose there are two different groups of two different companies in front of you, and you are selected in both. Now you have to decide which company you\'ll prefer to join and why? Also the reason to cancel other one.

5. Lastly some questions related to my behaviours.