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CORDYS Interview Experience - Hyderabad, June-2013.
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Hi friends my name is srideep I have attended cordys off campus on 24 june 2013 in cordys office itself.

This pattern was done for freshers.

Interview procedure:

1) Written test.
2) Technical round-1.
3) Technical round -2 .
4) Hr round.

1st round written test it contain:

1 st section contain technical 20 questions no negative marking ( topics : c,c++, java ,oops,computer networks,operating systems).

2 nd section contain quant 25 questions 1 -0.5 negative marking.

The cutoff for this is 15 marks.

But no one will score up to it so they make it to 7 maximum.

I remember some of the quant questions.

1) 15 men can do a work in 210 days for every 10 days 10 men will leave the work then in how many days the work will be completed?

2) x=2+(2^1/3)+(2^2/3)  then x^3-6x^2+6x ===== ans)-8 by taking algorithms on both sides ?

3) In an office the no of mens working is equal to the no of womens working and the no of womens working is equal to the no of children coming to office find the total no of women in the office?

4) There are 3 students raju ,ramu ,ravi who got marks 260 ,280 ,320 these scores are some of 3 subjects and each subject has 4 questions no student answer all the 4 questions correct and each student atleast answer one question right ,and no student answer same no questions correct in same subject.

a) The total marks of all students in 1st subject?

b) Which student has got more marks in 1st subject?

5) A daughter has a bag his father gives pocket money to her daughter 1st day he gives 1 rupee and second day he gives doble money that is 2 rupees ,her bag fills in 11 th day then her half bag will fill in how many days?

6) There are 3 friends A B C each have some money A gaves 15 rupees to B and B gives 2/3 of his money to C then B and C will have equal money what is the total money with all the three friends?

7) There are some students in college they are allowed to sit in rows if they sit 4 students extra per row then 2 rows will remain vacant if 4 students sit less in each row then it requires 4 extra rows so how many students in college?

a)92 b)94 c)96 d)98.

I cleared the written test and I got 14 marks.

In technical round -1.

Initially they asked me.

1. Java basics what is object, class, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance?

2. Later data structures linked lists ,sorting techniques?

3. Which sorting is best sorting and which is efficiency one?

4. Later c basics, Control statements and Loops.

He asked me can we write syntax while (i<infinity )
Can this syntax correct or not?

What is the difference between for loop and while loop.

Later he asked me to write reverse of a string program? and palindrome of a number?

Later what is a function, pointer, 5 what is function syntax ?

Can we write break in function name yes or no?

Later some logical questions.

1) There are two trains a,b the time taken to reach b is 12 hours and from b to a is 12 hours and the train system is a 24 hours portal system for each and hour 1 train starts both train lines are parallel lines and all trains travel with same speed then the train started at a overlaps how many trains in the journey?