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Convergys Quantitative, Reasoning - Venn Diagrams
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Paper : Convergys Quantitative, Reasoning - Venn Diagrams

First 10 questions are based on venn diagrams. Then next puzzle test question he asked some around 4 on that.

Is PQR a isosceles traingle? He gave two statements we need to choose that whether 1st is enough or 2nd one enough or both are required to get solution or not by using both satements. These kind of questions are around 8.

a)1st Statement alone will give result.
b)2nd Statement alone will give result.
c)1st n 2nd Statement both will give result.
d)Results can not be obtained

Find the value of b.a n b are non negatiove numbers
1)2a-b is divisible by five

PQRS is a Quadrilateral.reactagle is drawn(Not excatly but these kind of ques)
1)PS n QR having positive slope
2)PQ n RS Having positive.

find value of Y?Y is non negative integer.

A tank was filled up to 1/3 after that again it was filled with 3 Litres of water now the tank is 1/2 filled. What is the capacity of Tank? (Gave 4 Options)

A Person painting on a glass board which is of 3:2 ratio. The smaller side size is of 15 inches. What is total size of board?

One question on permutations

From 1 to 100 how many numbers are diovisible by 4 and should contain 4 in the divisible number?
1)6     2)7     3)9     4)10

Answer) 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32, 36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64,68,72, 76,80,84,88,92,96,100 - these r the nums divisible by 4 n the number wich contain 4 digit are 4,24,40,44,48,64,84.

A Problem on Cubes. 4*4*4 cubles is there and a smaller cuble of 64 blocks are joined together.