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Convergys Placement Paper at KIET Ghaziabad
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Paper : Convergys Placement Paper at KIET Ghaziabad

The paper consisted of 5 sections:

1.English - 20 questions (20 minutes)
A paragraph was given with 20 blanks. These had to be filled from options. Various options were confusing as more than 1 fit the blank. But the paper was average.

2. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning - 45 questions (45 minutes)
10 questions from venn diagrams .(not from venn diag of RS (verbal&non-verbal). It was simple and similar to venn diag we have studied in class-11.

5 Q on cube colouring
5 Q of the type:if 1is represented by $ and 0 by * then answer some mathematical equations. simple and include concepts about binary numbers
Some questions on data sufficiency(tricky)
Question on blood relation(easy)
Questions from time-work-distance, mixture allegations, pipes cisterns.
ques on series 1,3,3,9,27,243,?.(ans:243*27)
a question on puzzle(verbal, nonverbal - rs aggarwal)

3. Unix OS - 10 questions (10 minutes)
Finding output.

4. RDBMS - 10 questions(10 minutes)
Normalization, starting chapters of korth or navathe.
One output for sql querry.

5. C++ Section - 15 questions (20 minutes)
Outputs. Prepare classes and pointers in a class well. This section was tough.

Separate question paper for each section was provided. However question paper for each section was taken back after the stipulated time.

This company has very little requirements of trainees. Out of 1700 students, 46 students were selected for the interview.I got selected.