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CISCO Interview Experience - 26/07/2017
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SRM University
The first round was the Online Written Exam consisted of 50 questions. 20 of them were aptitude and 30 were technical questions. Out of 20 aptitude questions, we had a questions on Venn Diagrams, profit and loss, logical reasoning, series and calendars.

There was one verbal question on critical reasoning. Among 30 technical questions, most of them were based on C coding outputs and error corrections, basic networking questions, digital electronics questions, electronic circuits questions based on forward gain and OS (operating system).

If we clear the written exam, we were called for rest of the processes. There were three domains for which they were recruiting, which were Supply Chain, TS (Technical Services) and CMS (Cisco Managing Services). I applied for CMS. For the applicants of supply chain, the process was like they had Group Discussion first, followed by technical interview and HR interview. For TS and CMS, there were 2 rounds of technical interview and 1 round of HR interview. My interview was taken by two interviewers at the same time so there was only one technical round for me.

First they asked me about myself. Then there were some technical questions:-

1. Define all the protocols and devices on the different layers of OSI model.
2. Explain Subnetting and CIDR.
3. What do you mean by Network Topologies? Explain all network topologies. Also design a topology of your own choice with all IP addresses and subnets.
4. What is the range of Class C network?
5. What is APIPA?
6. What are Access Control Lists?
7. Suppose you are outside a dark room, and you send a person inside that room to find your own book. He can\'t see that book but can feel that. The amount of time to find the book is infinite but you have to give such description so that he can find your book. How will you guide him?

And then it was over. It lasted for around 35 mins. Fortunately, I gave all the correct answers.

Then the next round was HR. HR was easy.
She asked me about myself, my hometown, etc.

1. She asked me about The Electronics Club and the activities related to that. (Electronics Club is a student run organization in SRM University)
2. Apart from networking, what all technical things you know?
3. My strengths, weaknesses
4. Why CISCO?
5. Why should we hire you?
6. She asked me to explain the project which I made i.e. Home Automation Using Arduino.
7. Job location preference.
8. Any future plans for higher studies?
9. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
10. Are you free in the month of Jan?