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CISCO Interview Experience - VJTI, Mumbai 18 Sept 2014.
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Vishal waghmare
CISCO visited VJTI Mumbai on 18th Sept 2014 for the job profile of NCE (network consulting engg.)

Placement process started at 10am.

Generally CISCO Recruitment process starts with Aptitude test (C, DS, OS, Digital, 8085, 8051, Compiler basics, Networking, Quant, Few English Quiz, Logical reasoning) but this time they changed it to GD.

They formed groups of 18 Students each.

GD Topics were all Technical.

They started with 2G as topic.

After every 15 mins or so they changed the topic, next topics were 3G and cloud computing.

The round lasted for almost an hour.

We were expected to discuss the given technology, find out the problems with it and also the solutions.

4 students from each group were selected in this round.

Next was a technical round.


- First question was tell me about yourself?

- What is gateway?

- He asked me to draw a Network Topology with a LAN connected to multiple routers and then asked me explain what a Gateway is?

I explained it considering proper IP addresses.

- Then he asked me what is Default Gateway?

- His next quiz was,

Can we assign an IP address that is not a member of connected LAN subnet address to the internal interface of Default gateway?

Ex. If we have a LAN, so can we assign an IP address like or any other to the internal interface of default gateway.

- What is VLAN?

- Default VLAN?

- How to add devices to VLAN (assigning ports or MAC addresses to VLAN)?

- Then he asked me how inter VlAN Routing works?

- What is Trunk port? need of Trunk port?

- What is NAT? have I used NAT? (I had used NAT using iptables in REDHAT)

- What is PAT (port address translation)? real life situations where PAT is useful (when we want to provide multiple web services from a private network using a single public IP address, here requests from clients are forwarded based on destination port numbers)

- How to map process id\'s to port numbers in Linux (netstat)?

- What is use of fuser command in Linux (to find out process holding the resource and other use)?

- What is iptables? (explained him input,output and forward chains)?

- Ports used by DNS server? (UDP 53 for name resolution and TCP 53 for Zone transfer)

- Then he asked me what is zone transfer? mx records? configuration file used by DNS server (/etc/resolve.conf)

- Most of the questions were related to CCNA and RHCE (as i had mentioned it in my resume).

SECOND ROUND: (Technical + Hypothetical quiz)

He gave me a scenario.

I have to withdraw money from ATM machine and i was expected to explain the flow of data according to OSI model (from sender to receiver including intermediate nodes)(encryption at presentation layer was imp).

He asked me about routing algorithms? (RIP-distance vector, OSPF-link state routing, BGP)-
He asked me to write code of Dijkstra\'s algorithm on which OSPF is based. I wrote the code and he was impressed with it.

Then a code for Bellman ford algorithm on which RIP is based.

Then he asked me a hypothetical question.

If i face a customer who has a technical problem regarding a particular technology and i don\'t know anything about that technology, how would i solve the problem of that customer ( you can not take help from others, you can not ask for extra time, customer is very important so i can not afford to lose him).

- I said i will not let this situation occur at first place.

- I will keep on working on problems faced by my seniors so that when i face the same problems i can handle the situation.

- I will keep myself updated with new problems that customers are facing along with their solutions.

Few resume based question like passion, extra curricular activities, what i learned in last one month.


- HR round was easy.

- He asked me about my family background.

- Is relocation an issue?

- My strengths?

- Achievements?

- Greatest failure?

- Why CISCO?

- Any questions?

I asked him about CISCO certifications and i was glad to know that CISCO sponsors for the certifications.

Finally the result was announced at around 8:30pm.

6 students were placed, 3 from M.Tech (13 LPA)(including me :-p) and 3 from B.Tech (11 LPA)

I hope my experience will help you.

For any queries feel free to mail me.