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Cisco Interview Experience - Bangalore. July, 2013
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Hello all,

Cisco visited our college in the month of July.

Job position: software engineer and network engineer.

CTC: 10.2 lac for BE and around 12 lac for M.Tech.

Selection process: written test, 2 technical interviews and 1 hr interview.

1st round was written test and it had aptitude (20 questions) and technical (30 questions) section and the duration was 1 hr. Aptitude was very easy (profit and loss, age, work and time, few English questions etc. ). Technical section had some micro controller and microprocessor (8085) questions, some questions in digital communication, few C questions and questions on digital electronics and data structures. Written test was easy but you need to be fast in solving as the cut off will be high (>40 out of 50).

Next was technical interview - questions asked will be different for different panels and for me in 1st tech round the interviewer asked to tell briefly about my project and and asked me in-depth questions on project. I explained them everything and he asked me to write a code for reversing a string and sorting the numbers and I wrote both codes and then he asked few questions on c++ (polmorphism, inheritance etc. ) after that he asked me to wait outside. For my friends in 1st tech round they asked mainly on data structures, OS and c++.

After few mins they called me for 2nd round tech interview. In 2nd round the questions were mainly on computer networking like what is ip address, routing, ARP, NAT and so on. He asked me whether I know OS but I told him I have not studied OS and will learn it if its necessary for the job. He told ok and asked me to wait outside. After 10-15 mins I was called for hr interview and it was just a formality. He asked me whether I will be available for internship in next semester I said yes and he told me that job position will be given later and asked me to wait till everybody finishes their interview. When they announced the results, I was selected.

If anybody gets a chance to attend the placement process of cisco, then make sure that you read digital electronics, digital communication, microprocessor (8085) , C, C++, Data structures (for ECE students its not mandatory) , OS, computer networks.

Written test will be easy and make sure that you are fast in solving. In tech round concentrate mainly on computer networks, projects, OS and programming (C or C++).