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Hi Friends

I am giving you the interview questions, what they want to know from those questions, what are ideal answers. I GAVE 15 COMPANIES AND CLEARED 11 APTITUDE EXAMS, 4 G.D., FACING 9 TIMES INTERVIEWER.


Sir: Tell me something about you which is not written here in your resume?
ME: I was 1st in district in scolarship exam in 7th, 11th in state in M.T.S.E. exam.

Ideal: Just tell anything which will impress them (may be false) but with confidence. (they don\'t know anything about you in campus placement they don\'t see your file also) as I was class representative. (if you ware part of any event say "i was head of that event" but if you are so confident then only)

THEIR AIM:- To know about any new quality which will differenciate from other candiates and force them to take you in company.

Sir: Where will you see after 2 years ? or what are your future plan?
ME: I am going to give GRE.(For first interview)

Ideal: I want to be Project Manager OR Team Leader.
THEIR AIM:- How much long you will remain in company (they will take candidate with long time company employer)(#* SO DON\'T SAY GRE, CAT, GET etc.*# )(REMEMBER)

Sir: What is your weakness?
ME: I get fustrated very easily.

Ideal: I push my teammates to do work fast. but i got to know that everyones speed is different so i give work to them accordingly.

THEIR AIM:- To get know about your weakness is it really harmful to company, but we should represent them as those are our strong points. end with but and tell what you r doing about recovering from weakeness

Sir: Why should we hire you?
ME: I\'m brilliant, hardworking.

Ideal: I am good organiser (as I mentioned write in resume fake achievement as head of gaming comity in college event. it shows your organisational quality which company wants.) i like to make friends where ever i go (this shows your ability to mix up with team) i was class representative in last year (this shows your leadership quality)


Sir: Do you have any questions?
ME: How your company is growing so fast?

Ideal: Same (this question give honour to them. they will get happy.)

Sir: Why do you want to get in this company.
ME: This is my dream company. I think i can grow with your company much faster.


Sir: What do you expect from company?
ME: Friendly and challenging environment.

Ideal: SAME..

GD: Just starting each time or summarising is not sufficient. try for best.

1. Just speak twice but such that none will talk at that time. i.e. everyone will listen you.

2. Just keep on shaking your head to show your listening and agree with him. so at your time he will certainly listen you.

3. If everyone try to speak making fish market then just keep on speaking "friends please calm down, it\'s getting fish market. try to speak one at a time. plz friends plz"

4. If someone wants to talk but not getting chance then raise your voice n say "plz, one of our friend also want to share something"n then point your hand towards him (not finger)

5. Try for start and summarise (yes for both) if not possible them minimum secondly.

I really used this at last n got placed on same day. I edited my resume n entered like "Completed Basic Course of Art Of Living (this was fake), Certified course of discover yourself (i had certificate)" and i was asked about that only in interview and got selected in CAPS GEMINI.

BEST OF LUCK (with confidence)