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Cisco - VJTI, Matunga, Oct 20, 2011.
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Ritesh Bhatkar
Hi All,

All questions were objective type.

20 quant questions were dere, 4 on logical reasoning and other ones were pipes waala questions,,page nos ina faulty book and so on.

30 questions were technical based on digital logic,signal processing,data stuctures and Operating systems,microprocessors and Networks..(Guys no need 2 study dis in deep just a rough idea of all dis will do..just prepare os and ds in deep for dose who r frm comps n IT). I dont recall all da questions but here i mention a few of them.

1)convert prefix to postfix..
2)a questions on os based on page faults for N processes residing in memory..was very easy..
3)diff. betn semaphores and spinlocks..
4)double *p[5]...what is da size of dis array calulatd..ans was sizeof(5*(double *))..i.e 10..
5)order in which parameters r passed 2 a function in c is..ans right 2 left..
6) a question on hashing...was a difficult 1..hardly any 1 of us were able 2 solve it..
7)85 was wrritten as 11000101...which type of code it is..ans 4421..
8)a question on k map..was easy one..
9) propagation delay is maximum in..options were cmos ,ttl,,and 2 oders i didn no da ans..:(
10)qpsk, bit rate was given calculate da baud rate..
11)Given an undirected graph...which of da following wiill take max. time..something like dat..ans which i gave was..estimating all spanning trees of dat graph.
12)prob of page hit is 95% and no page hits were 100..while dat of page miss was 40..calculate acces time.. i hope u got da ans...
13)wen a packet comes 2 a router da router chks which of da foollowing..
    a.sources mac
    b.destination mac.
    C.source ip
    d.destination ip
14.a question on mean time failure...something like dat..
15.a producer consumer problem was given and and some options were dere ..we were 2 choose which among dose were most was easy one.. will u reduce da noise in signal...ans band pass filter..
17.something based on fast switching..i cudnt even guess da.. as it was tronix based question.
18.8086 UP,which pins r used 2 connect 2 a peripheral device..Ans s3,s2..
baki all were theoretical questions..and wer very easy..Dis will benefit all VJTIans.

Hope u go through dis.. and wish u all da best.