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Hi Friends

50 questions,
20-general Aptitude
10-Networks and C.

duration -1hr

1) 28 shake hands were exchanged in a meeting, each person shakes hands with every other person only once.How many people were present in the meeting?
a. 14   b. 8   c. 56  d. i dont remember.

2) There are 27 balls with one ball of heavier weight than the other balls. wats the minimum number of weighs that can be made to determine the heavier ball?
a. 13   b. 4   c. 3   d. 2

3) Booksellors B1 B2 B3 and there are 5 secretaries S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5. A team must made with 2 boss, 3 secretaries by satisifying certain conditions.
- B1and S1 cannot be togather.
- S1 and S4 cannot be togather.
- B1 and B3 cannot be togather.
- S1 abd S3 cannot be togather.

Who MUST be present to make the team.
a. S1   b. B1  c. S4   d. B2

few more aptitude questions like these...

4) The one that converts a high level language code to object form is
a. Compiler   b. Interpreter.   c. xxx   d. xxx

5) The routing is done at which layer?
a. network    b. Data link  c. transport.  d. application layer.

6) adding of 1111 and 1101 requires a
a. one FA and One Ha  b. three FA  c. Three FA and One HA  d. none of these.

7) Manchester code does
a. i dont remember options.

8) Zenier diode is a
a. current regulator.  b. voltage ....  c. Power regulator  d. Voltage regulator.

9) Lightning occurs in every 6 seconds, how many will occur in 3/4 in 1 hour.(question not framed properly)

Many Electronic related questions... as i am not an Electronics student i dont remember them.