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Latest CISCO Placement Paper (III)
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Latest CISCO Placement Paper :

Section D

 1. a=2, b=3, c=6
 Find the value of c/(a+b)-(a+b)/c

 2. What does the hexanumber E78 in radix 7.

 (a) 12455
 (b) 14153
 (c) 14256
 (d) 13541
 (e) 131112

 Ans. (d)

 3. 10 : 4 seconds :: ? : 6 minutes

 Ans. 900

 4. Q is not equal to zero and k = (Q x n - s)/2.What is n?

 (a) (2 x k + s)/Q
 (b) (2 x s x k)/Q
 (c) (2 x k - s)/Q
 (d) (2 x k + s x Q)/Q
 (e) (k + s)/Q

 5. From the following statements determing the order of ranking M has double the amount as D Y has 3 rupess more than half the amount of D

 Ans. Data insuffiecient

 Questions 6 - 10 are to be answered on the following data
 A causes B or C, but not both
 F occurs only if B occurs
 D occurs if B or C occurs
 E occurs only if C occurs
 J occurs only if E or F occurs
 D causes G,H or both
 H occurs if E occurs
 G occurs if F occurs

 6. If A occurs which of the following must occurs

 I. F and G
 II. E and H

 (a) I only
 (b) II only
 (c) III only
 (d) I,II, & III
 (e) I & II (or) II & III but not both

 Ans. (e)

 7. If B occurs which must occur

 (a) D
 (b) D and G
 (c) G and H
 (d) F and G
 (e) J

 Ans. (a)

 8. If J occurs which must have occured

 (a) E
 (b) either B or C
 (c) both E & F
 (d) B
 (e) both B & C

 Ans. (b)

 9. Which may occurs as a result of cause not mentioned

 I. D
 II. A

 (a) I only
 (b) II only
 (c) I & II
 (d) II & III
 (e) I,II & III

 Ans. (c)

 10. E occurs which one cannot occurs

 (a) A
 (b) F
 (c) D
 (d) C
 (e) J

 Ans. (b)

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