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Cisco Systems
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Sateesh (IIIT)


 Total Duration : 1 hour

Total 3 sections

First section is COMPULSORY for both Electronics and Computer Science students.
Second Section is of Software.
Third is of Hardware.

I M P O R T A N T :: ONLY ONE SECTION AMONG 2nd OR 3rd need to be answered like for you, you will give the answers of Section 2.

30 questions in each section

 There was no bound of time for a particular section. You can
devote any amount of time to any section but max. limit is 1 hr for
the whole paper.


First Section:

1. Common to both cs and elec people.
2. total 30 questions and NO negative marking
3. Simple questions on digital logic design, 2\'s complement, number representations, flipflops, microprocessors(8085), Architecture[virtual memory and small numerical like what will be the size of the memory if we have given the no. of address bits and other necessary details. One question of formal method.

Second Section:

1. Software Section

2. total 30 questions and NO negative marking

3. OS(34 qns), Compilers(23 qns. on basics), maximum qns. were of C and Data Structures[trees, preorder,post,inorder traversals,complexity of search/sort, suitable data structures etc.]

Third Section:

devoted to hardware. i do not have any details as no computer sc. student appeared for this section.


Regarding CISCO interviews...... they asked about project and some C and data structures and to some students some basics of networking and OS questions..... there were 3 panels....... 2 panels for Software and 1 for hardware....

Student has to give only one interview in any panel....There was no separate HR interview.... interview was of generally 2530 minutes duration.... 2/3 persons in an interview panel....

Finally from IISc, in Software, they selected 9 people from Computer Science and in hardware, 3 from CEDT(Electronics Design).

Interview Questions

0. M.E. Project

1. If you are not having a sizeof operator in C, how will you get to know the size of an int ?

2. Write a macro to set the nth bit ?

3. Can you use a variable in a file using extern which is defined as both static and global in base file?

4. When we declare union in C, how is the size of union allocated in the memory?

5. What is the boundary problem in allocation of size of structures?

6. Data Structures:

a. Write a program to reverse a linkedlist. Uma, before interview, practise it on a paper as many here couldn\'t write the code at the time of interview.

b. Some trees question...what is balanced binary tree?..etc..

To Some students, one software panel asked about the courses they had done here in IISc.

To some people, they have asked some OS and networking questions like

OS Questions:

1. What is the difference between user and kernel space?
2. What is real time OS and how it\'s different from other OS?
3. signal and interrupt handling.

Networking Questions:

1. Sliding window protocol.
2. TCP And IP differences.

This all I come to know from the 2 fellows, other written paper details
possibly questions, i will enquire tomorrow morning and send you.

IMPORTANT : I am sending you an OLD paper of CISCO as an attachment. My friends who have got thru cisco says that this year many questions were there from this paper. For example, in 1st section of the written test, the only question of formal method was same as asked in this old paper.