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Cisco India Paper technical & Analytical questions
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Paper : Cisco India Paper technical & Analytical questions

Cisco Analytical questions: Mathematics - Geometry Questions:
Find   perimeter of a trapezium with 3 sides given and distance between   parallel sides given.
A   triangle ABC is given, a line DE is paralel to base side and that cuts   the triangle. The ratio of area of triangle to the area of trapezium   .given DE/BC=3/5.
Four   concentric circles are given. The radius of 1st circle is is   2x,then 3x and 4x. given that area b/w 2nd and 1st is A and 4th and   3rd circles being B.find ratio of A to B
What   is the Difference between the perimeteres of two concentric circles is 66.   Find the difference between radius
   answer 10.5
3/p=6,3/q=15.   Find p-q
Cisco Technical questions
#define   clrscr() 100
which   of the followin is used for avoiding network congestion
    all of de above
    int a;
   wats o/p of this pgm. What will b printed
   ans :0
    } wat will b printed.
    unsigned short a=-1;
    unsigned char b=a;
    printf(?%d %d ?,a,b);
    wat is o/p of the program
   a. 65535 -1
   b. 65535 65535
   c. -1 -1
arrays   base address is 1000?.array is a[5][4]..then wat is de
   correct address of a[4][3]?
one   packet is of pkts send is 16000..then total no of bytes   send is
   ans 1024000
#define   maxval 5 (programming / computer science engineering technical   questions)
   int main (void)
    int i=1;
   find o/p???
#define   a 3+3
   #define b 11-3
   wat is o/p?????
A   question in which segment address is given. logical address is 800. Base   addresses also given. You have 2 find physical address
There   was a question on processor speed in nanocycles. Then it performs a   instruction in x cycles. like this..
    int *i;
    int s=(int *)malloc(10*sizeof(int));
    for (i=0;i<10;i++)
   whats the output?