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CISCO Sample Question Paper (Aptitude)
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CISCO Sample Question Paper (Aptitude)


1: A man went to market with some money.With that money he can buy 15 pencils or 25 pens.He kept 15% of that money for bus fare and with rest of the money he purchased 5 pencils,and \'x\' pens.How many pens he purchased?

2:A man climbing a wall.For every 4 steps go up he will slipdown 2 steps.If he takes 12 min to 3 much time it takes to climb 48
meters and one step=2meters.

3: Two trains with lengths x and y ,and speeds u and v.Approaching each other how much time it takes to takes for faster train to cross other

In this question I don\'t remember the x,y,u,v.U can find formula in Aggarwal\'s quantitative aptitude book

4: there was some question on ages that was easy


1. main()

{ fork();





How many times it will print hello?

2: char A[5,6] How many bytes it requires?

3:Bridges are used in which layer?

4.Bigendian means

a. lower byte stored in lower address

b. lower byte stored in higher address

5: #define mmx 10+10

6: main()

{ j=0


{ j+=i; }


what is the value of i & j at the end of the loop

ans: 10,46

7: Regular expression with 2 consecutive 1\'s and all string of 0\'s and 1\'s

8: dead lock conditions 1 question

9: selective repeat widow size of sender & receiver 1 question.

10: Balanced trees 1 question