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Caritor (Keane) Placement Papers - Bangalore
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Caritor (Keane) Placement Papers

Job Interview

Hi all, I had my placements on 12/8/08, the selection process included the follwing things:

1. Aptitude round This included an mandatory essay writing, which is not counted for the marks but do take it seriously cos they ask you abt it in HR. Aptitude included, Mathematical (15Q X 4 Marks), English (10 Q X 1 M) and logical (10 Q X 3 M), there is sectional cutt off remember, and for us there was no -ve . All R.S.Aggarwal probs on age,time and distance etc

2. GD This is a elimination round, do speak in the given time, they just see your participation and your english, you can get thru if u do these two things

3. Techincal round, be sure of what u have mentioned in your Resume they ask u abt it, be strong in it, again this is a filtering round, it comprises of very basic things so be prepared in basics, and C is a for sure question

4. Hr Round, be confident in answering, i was asked abt higher education, abt relocating, prefered work etc, be flexible. There were also few eliminations. so take care. 150 appeared 120 cleared aptitude 90 cleared GD 72 cleared Technical 53 Finally selected and i was one of them.

I hope this info will help you all. All the Best. See you in Caritor (Keane)

No of Rounds  : Group Discussion - GD
Location    : Bangalore