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Latest Caritor Palcement Paper Pattern
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Mohd. Nafees
PAPER : Latest Caritor Palcement Paper Pattern

There were four rounds.
2.Group discusssion
3.Technical round
4. HR.
On the first day there was written ,appx 600 students appeared .Out of them 210 got thru written.

In written there were three sections.:there is no negative marking but sectional cut off is there

Quant,Verbal,Logical,Essay Writing.
1-Essay writing -It was for ten min..first u hav to complete it and then they give u the ques paper.they were different sets.the topic for essay was Ethics &Values
2The quant questions were mostly repeated from the previous papaers.some of the ques were like(15 ques)

1).3 cats eat 3 rats in 7 min how much time 50 cats require to eat 100 rats.

2.)One can do apiecce of work in 2 hrs,other in 3 hrs, and another in 4 hrs.wats the time taken for the work to b completed by all the three?

3).From a chess board three blocks are chosen at random. What is the probability that the three blocks are from same diagonal?

4)Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no mice. What are the no mice in the room?
a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) none of these

Hint: no of leg of cockroach is 6, mice 4 and crow 2.

5) Average tempt between Monday "Wednesday is 37 and average tempt between Tuesday-Thursday is 34. Monday\'s tempt 4/5th of Thursday\'s tempt. What is the tempt on Thursday

6) A train moves from X to Y with 96m/s and from Y to X with a speed of 84 m/s Find the avg speed?

7) one problem related on combinations

Cool6 horses eat 6 bales in 6 days 12 horses eat how many bales in 12 days??and so on...

3-Verbal was dead easy..(8 ques)

No synonyms nor antonyms.All were fill in the blanks...simple usage of prepositions and adjectives.It nearly took 2-3 min to complete this section.
4-Logical (7 ques)

This section was also easy but time better complete all and then start this..And one more imp thing is dat ...Have to attempt all the sections...If we do two and leave th third one...then they may disqualify..sorry i dont remember...but if you work it out you will the solution..
one ques is like

1) How many prime no.s are there in 5 successive no.s of avg 7.

2) In a family achild have atleast 4 brothers and two sisters..How many children are there in the family?(dont remenber exactly)

The written lasted for seventy min includin the essay.The written was over at 11:30 Am

After that we had the PPT.The wriutten results were announced at 2:30 .They divided into 17 groups each group consists of 12-13 members.

Group Discussion:
First we had introduction.
Our grou consisted of 13 members...THen the gave the topic..Gave 2 min time... then asked us to start..They just saw the talking ability...Give a chance to others also..Speak atleast twice...Our topic was Effect of Internet on Youth.
8 members were selected in my group

105 cleared the Gd.
Our interview was conducted on Sep 11 th

Technical Round:
This started in the morning at 9:15.I was the second person to get interviewed in my panel..The interviewer was too friendly..It was just like talking with your friend.
As I am from Non IT..branch ..he asked me general questions...HE did not even ask C.HE asked me which was better Electric car or a Petrol car and reason for my ans.
he asked me the wt of 1 lt water.
20 reasons for the mobile not working....Iwas surprised to here such aquestion...I gave him 10 reasons.He sked me more..I told I cant..
Then he asked y IT as I was from Chemical?
Diff b/w nuclear fission &fusion.This round lasted 25 min for me...Ans them with confidence.......thats it u r thru this round........always keep smiling throughout whether you know or not be confident....Most imp step for success......

After one hour we got the results...65 cleared the technical.
Then comes the last and final step for the most happiest moment in your life that is thr HR.Before that we have to fill up a form regardin all the details of academics and family.

This was very cool.All the questions can b expected.....Be confident in your answers thats it u r thru.......
My ques were like
Marriage plans??
Further education Plans?
any preferred locations for doing the job?
How can i believe that your parents would send you out of your place for job....?
Have attended any other companies