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Bob Technologies placement paper 1  
1. a man works. He has to maintain 100 cups. He gets 30 ps for every cup he safeguards and has 10 pay 90 ps for every cup he breaks.if he earns rs.24 per day, how many did he break?
2. 32 people playing table tennis. how many matches to determine the winner.
3. A cube 3"* 3"* 3" is painted green it is cut into 1"* 1"* 1" how many cubes were painted on atleast on one side
4. If x and x+10 are lengths containing right angle, what is the equation if area is 24
5. Length and breadth of a rectangle are in ratio 7:5. If length is reduced by 5 and breadth by 2, area reduces by 65. Find length and breadth.
6. Denominator is 4 greater than numerator if 10 is added to Denominator,the fraction becomes 1/8.what is the fraction
7. A and b can do a piece of work in 15 and 10 days. A and b work on it for sometime and then a leaves b completes the job in 5 days. For how long did a work.
8. In a company 241 apply for posts .of them 40 know neither c nor c++.180 know c; 186 knows c++. how many people know only c.
9. A farmer has a farm square of 100 sq.m a cow is tied at one and with a rope of 10m length.assume pi-3.what is the area of land the cow can graze.
10. The average of x and y is 6.5. if z=4,what is the average of x,y,z.
11. If the bus travels with 8 tyres(6 tyres running),travels a distance of 16000 km how much is the distance sustained by each tyre.ans 120000
12. In a box there are four different coloured bells,of some quantity (4 each ) what is the minimum number of pick ups so that, atleast 2 of them of the same colour.
13. A company manufactures x refrigerators cp.(9000+500x0 sp=500x; what must be the value of x so that atlas the amount gained After selling is equal to the amount spent on production
14. A dealer sells 3 sets at Rs.2400 each ,one at 20% gain and the other at 20% loss. what is the overall gain or loss
1.a cube object 3" * 3" * 3" is painted with green in all the outer surfaces. If the cube is cut into cubes of 1"*1"*1", how many 1" cubes will have at least one surface painted.
 a. 8
 d. none
Ans. b

2. single table tennis tournament is held at IT solutions in which 32 players participated. If a single player is eliminated as soon as the player loses a match. How many matches are required to determine the winner.
  A. 32
 b. 16
 c. 31
 d. 15
 Ans : b
 3. there are 200 employees in a company. An external vender is chosen to serve coffee twice a day. 100 coffee cups were offered by the company , but as an incentive to have the cups in fact at the end of the day, the company offered 30 paise for every cup remained safely and charged 90 paise for every broken cup. At the end of the day , the vender received RS.24 . how many cups did the vender break.
 a. 20
 Ans : b
 4. a box contains 16 balls of 4 different colors green blue yellow &red 4 each. if you were to close your eyes and pick them at random , how many marbles must you take out to be sure that there at least two of one colour among the marbles picked out.
 a 4 }
b. 5
 c. 6
 d. 14
 Ans : b
5. if 8 tyres were used on a bus (6 tyres ) which has traveled 16000 km , how many km did each tyre sustain .if all the tyres were used equally in sustaining this distance .
a. 2000
 Ans : b

 6. a company purchased 3 computer tables in 1995. as the company wanted to renovate the office , sold those tables at RS.2400 each making a profit of 20% of one , no profit on second table and 20%loss on third table. What is the company get in this transaction.
 a. no loss no profit
 b.RS.200 loss
 d. RS.400 loss
 Ans : b
 A partly true or follows logically.
B partly untrue or opposite follows logically .
C can\'t say anything
 The big economic difference between nuclear and fossil fueled power stations is that the nuclear reactors are more expensive to build and decommission, but cheaper to run. So disputes over relatively of the two systems revolved not just around the prizes of coal and uranium today and tomorrow, but also around the way in which the future income should be compared with income.
 7. the main difference between nuclear and fossil fueled is an economic one.
 A B C

 8. the price of coal is not relevant to discussions to about the efficiency of nuclear reactors.
 A B C

 9. if nuclear reactors were cheaper to build and decommission than fossil fueled power stations, they could definitely have economic advantage.
 A B C
 At any given moment are being bombarded by physical and psychological stimuli computing for one attention. Although our eyes are capable of handling more than 5 millions of data per sec, our brains are capable of interpreting only about 500 bits per sec. with similar disparities between other senses and brain it is easy to see that select visual, auditory or tactile stimuli that we wish to compute at any specific time.
 10.physical stimuli usually win the competition for our attention.
  A B C

 11.the capacity of human brain is sufficient to interpret nearly all the stimuli the senses can register under optimum condition.
 A B C
 12.eyes are able to hope with greater input of information than ears.
 A B C
15. a farmer owns a square field of side with a pole in one of the corners to which he tied his cow with a rope whose length is about is 10 m . what is the area available for the cow to grace .
assume pi=3.
A.150 sq.m
 d. not enough data.
 Ans : b
 16.the average of x & y is 12.if z=9 what is the average of x ,y, z
 d. not enough data
 Ans : b a certain shop note books that normally sell for 59 cents each or on sale at 2 for can be saved by purchasing 10 of these note books at the sale price.
 Ans : b

 18.the cost in $ of manufacturing x fridges is 9000+400x . the amount received when selling these x fridges is 500x $ , what is the least no of fridges that must be manufactured & sold so that the amount received is at least equal to the manufacturing cost.
 a. 10
 Ans : b
 19.the sides of the right triangular field containing the right angle are x &x+10. its area is 5500sq.m.the equation to determine is
 a. x(x+10)=5500
 b. x(x+10)=2750
 c. x(x+10)=11000
d. x(x+20)=5500
Ans : b

 20.the length and breadth of a rectangular plot are in the ratio of 7:5. if the length is reduced by 5 m& breadth is increased by 2 m then the area is reduced by 65 sq.m. the length and breadth of the rectangular plot are
  Ans : b
 21. 6 men earn as much as 8 women ,two women earn as much as 3 boys&4 boys earn as much as 5 girls . if a girl earns RS.50 a day then the earning of the man would be
 Ans : b
 22.a & b can separately do a piece of work in 10 & 15 days respectively. They work together for sometimes and b stops. If a completes the rest of work in 5 days ,then b has worked for
 d.2 (days).
 Ans : b