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Capgemini Interview Experience - G.L. BAJAJ INSTITUTE OF TECH & MGMT ,Greater Noida(03/09/2018)
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Hello Guys,

I am from G.L. BAJAJ INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT. Here I\'m sharing my experience it might be helpful for others. We had an on campus drive on 3rd and 4th September 2018. I\'m from one of the Top Engineering colleges in Delhi NCR.

They came at my college campus 4 weeks before the campus Drive in order to give the exposure about the company through a short Pre-Placement Talk Presentation.

Around 800 candidates were eligible for the first round of Capgemini drive.

1. Candidates of branches (Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical and Civil) were eligible to sit in the drive.

2. Student should complete his/her Graduation in the year 2019.

3. Should have scored 60% or above in academics SSC, HSC and graduation (aggregate of 4/5 semesters in graduation).

4. Only 1 year gap is allowed post HSC (12th) and not after SSC (10th) or between the graduation years.

5. Must have good English written / verbal communication skills.

6. No Active ATKT/Backlog till 5th/6th semester or during Capgemini selection process.

Coming to the test procedure Capgemini has Introduced a new round called Pseudo coding. I request you people not to follow the old pattern of the test. Go through the following you can have a clear Idea to crack Capgemini Selection process.

The following is the test procedure :

1. Online Aptitude Test + Logical Reasoning +Written Communication Test.
2. Pseudo Code Test.
3. Technical Interview.
4. HR Interview.

The first two rounds of the test will be conducted by cocubes and students who were shortlisted through these rounds will Face the interview.

Coming to the aptitude test. There was 2 sections conducted by co cubes. No negative marking was there. This section consists aptitude (for this section my suggestion is to follow R.S Agarwal, IndiaBix).

Online Aptitude Test consists of two sections 16 Questions from Each section (50 minutes).
(16 quant. + 16 reasoning).
Total question 32 (16+16).
Total time 50 min.

There were 16 questions and the 2nd section consists of Logical Reasoning. This section was tough (little bit). There was no hard and fast rule that you have to complete 1 section first and then you can switch over to the other one. For my suggestion solve aptitude section first then solve reasoning part.

Questions of Aptitude will be mainly on following topics :

* Averages.
* Speed and time.
* Work problems.
* Basic problems from probability, permutations and combinations.
* No.of Diagonals of a polygon.
* Problems on ages.
* Coding Decoding.

Then comes Essay writing. 30 mins is allotted for this round. Min 200 words, Max 240 words. There is enough amount of time and you can easily complete the essay within the allotted time.

After that almost 300 candidates cleared the first round.
In 2nd round, 25 mcqs were given covering C, data structures, operating systems and digital logic design. There is a time limit of 20 mins.

Among 300 students, around 160 students got shortlisted in this round.

It was already 5pm and that day only 100 students completed their TR. There were 6 TR panels and 2 HR panels. I waited almost for 2 hours and then they called my name at 7 pm.
Rest candidates gave there TR and HR next day on 4th September.

The TR was very friendly.

Me : May I get in sir?
TR : Yes, take your seat.
Me : Good evening sir.
TR : Good evening, So KARAN, tell me something briefly about you.
Me : Told (about hobbies and interests)
Interviewer continued his interrogation with me on what i had written over there in my Resume.
Basic C questions and something about Linux operating system along with some psychological questions and projects were asked and general HR questions.
After rigorous interrogation for 25 minute . These questions were asked from interviewer.
TR : Tell me about your project?
Me : Told
TR : Any questions you want to ask?
Me : Yes sir, From how many years have you been working for Capgemini.
TR : 4 years and told about the previous companies he had worked and his experiences.
Me : What do you enjoy most working with this company?
TR : Told
Me : My last question sir, can I expect my name in HR list?
TR : Yeah sure, all the best.
Me : Thank you so much sir.
After that we had Hand shake. And i said thank you so much Sir . It was my pleasure to meet you.
Around 110 students got shortlisted in this round.

HR round:

It was very formal round. They asked some basic questions like:

HR : Tell me about yourself?
Me : Told
HR : Why Capgemini?
Me : Told ( Try to give some authentic answer in order to get selected.Like you can say I have gone through the domains in which the capgemini works. And, I really found it interesting.
HR : why should I hire you?
Me : Told.
HR : Any relocation issues?
Me : No.
HR : Do you work in night shifts?
Me : Yes.
HR : Agree with the bond of 2 years?
Me : Yes.
HR : Any questions?
Me : [ asked same questions that were asked to TR ].

Finally 102 candidates were selected. Luckily I am one among them. Basic knowledge is tested. Be confident and improve your communication skills. You will definitely crack all rounds. All the best Guys.