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Capgemini Interview Experience - Kolkata 5th September 2017
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Tamal Adhikari
Hello everyone I am Tamal. Capgemini visited us on 5th September in narula college it was basically a pool campusing for the jis group.

Eligibility criteria to participate in the Campus Recruitment Process is:

1. Only circuit branches (Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Electronics & Instrumentation) and MCA are eligible.

2. Student should complete his/her Graduation in the year 2018.

3. Should have scored 60% or above in academics SSC, HSC and graduation (aggregate of 4/5 semesters in graduation).

4. Only 1 year gap is allowed post HSC (12th) and not after SSC (10th) or between the graduation years.

5. Must have good English written / verbal communication skills.

6. No Active ATKT/Backlog till 5th/6th semester or during Capgemini selection process.

Coming to the test procedure Capgemini has Introduced a new round called Pseudo coding> I request you people not to follow the old pattern of the test. Go through the following you can have a clear Idea to crack Capgemini Selection process.

The following is the test procedure :

* Online Aptitude Test + Written Communication Test.
* Pseudo Code Test.
* Technical Interview.
* HR Interview.

The first two rounds of the test will be conducted by cocubes and students who were shortlisted through these rounds will Face the interview.
Online Aptitude Test consists of two sections 16 Questions from Each section (50 minutes).
(16 quantz + 16 reasoning).

The questions will be easier but the cut off will be high.

Sectional cutoff will be considered and it plays a main role in short listing of students. Cut off value is confidential and will not be known. Please don\'t believe in any rumours What ever you know better answer them completely. In Quantitative section questions were easy but 3-4 questions were tricky and calculations are lengthy.

Questions will be mainly on following topics :

* Averages.
* Speed and time.
* Work problems.
* Basic problems from probability, permutations and combinations.
* No. Of Diagonals of a polygon.
* Problems on ages.
* Coding Decoding.

Essay Writing Topics :

1) Social media has made it easier to misuse one\'s right to freedom of expression.
2) Violent video games affect children negatively.
3) Success comes to those who take risks.
4) People today are more materialistic and less satisfied as compared to previous generations.
5) Do you think progress is always good? Cite examples to support your view.
6) At least one form of physical training should be mandatory across education institutes.
7) Social media has made us less social.
8) The winner stands alone.
9) Do ethics or moral principles change with time? Cite examples to support your view.

1. Winner stands alone.
2. Benefits of Facebook, Google and rises of sharing personal date.
3. Physical Fitness.
4. Is process always good? Cite examples.
5. Social media has made less social.
6. Violent video games effect children.
7. Ethics, video games leads to success or not.
8. Education Institute Physical Training.
9. Success come to those who take risk.
10. Is celebrity a good citizen that helps to guide social thought of actions.
11. Self-help book reading motivates attitude.
12. Knowledge is gained by experience or books.
13. Is intelligence born or it can be nurtured by learning & education.
14. Internet is killing the reading habit.
15. Which subject is more important ? Mathematics and science/History and Literature.

The above are the topics asked for maximum students. Please go through it. Don\'t neglect these There is a 90% chance to be repeated. Also refer to previous year papers.

Tips to crack essay writing :

* No white spaces.
* Use less number of Backspaces.
* Since it is evaluated by software mainly focus on grammatical errors not on the content.
* Avoid spelling mistakes.
* It mainly check for grammatical errors and punctuation errors. After(.) full stop give a space and start with a capital letter.
* Complete the essay in maximum of 3 paragraphs - Intro, Body, Conclusion.

Students who have been shortlisted from these round will be having a pseudo code test.

First they showed us presentation about their company about 25-30 minutes. After that the 1st round starts. From the 1st pool around 50 students were selected. I was in the 1st pool.I didn\'t clear the 1st round. Many of my friends cleared the 1st round. After the hr round on the next day 31 get selected from our college. I didn\'t mind anything as it was the 1st pool campusing in our college.