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Capgemini Interview Experience - BCREC 20/09/2017
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I am from Dr B.C. Roy Engineering College. Here I\'m sharing my experience it might be helpful for others. We had an on campus drive on 19th and 20th. They started with a presentation. Please watch the 1 hour presentation very carefully because your HR round questions will come only from the ppt.

Coming to the aptitude test. There was 2 sections conducted by co cubes. No negative marking was there. !s section consists aptitude (for this section my suggestion is to follow R.S Agarwal, IndiaBix).

There were 16 questions and the 2nd section consists of Logical Reasoning. This section was tough (little bit). There was no hard and fast rule that you have to complete 1 section first and then you can switch over to the other one. For my suggestion solve apti section first then solve reasoning part.

Total question 32 (16+16).
Total time 50 min.

Then comes Essay writing. 30 mins is allotted for this round. Min 200 words, Max 240 words. Ample amount of time and you can easily complete the essay within the stipulated time.

My topic was True qualities of a leader.

We didn\'t have the pseudo code round. We don\'t know the cut off but try to score more than 26. It\'s a game of time management.

32 students cleared the 1st round.

The Technical Interview round was quite easy. First they ask you to tell about yourself. They check your CV thoroughly and ask you from there. Don\'t lie on your CV, you must be prepared to answer anything and everything related to what you have put in your CV. My interviewer was the coolest guy I\'ve ever met. He asked HR questions also. It was just a normal conversation. HR round was just for formality. Although I became numb in my HR interview. But my technical round was great.

Students who cleared Technical round all of them got selected(28).

Show confidence, even if you don\'t feel like it. Keep eye contact always. And please don\'t lie.

All the best. Don\'t worry because in capgemini People matter, results count. :).