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Capgemini Interview Experience - Kolkata, 03/10/2016
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Hi, I am from BPPIMT, Kolkata. We had on-campus placement from Capgemini. The first round was held on 1st oct 2016. There were total 32 questions, 16 from quants and 16 from reasoning. 50 mins to clear 32 questions. You can attempt both quant and reasoning by switching to any question from any of the two topics anytime. The total time is 50mins for both section overall.

Coming to the quant part, it would be easy. CoCubes conduct this online test for capgemini. RS AGARWAL would be enough. The reasoning part would be moderate. Solving RS AGARWAL questions would be enough. But remember for capgemini the cut off would be very high. As the eliminate more than 60% from this round. In our case, the cut-off was like 26 in 32.

After completing this 2 sections,a new window will appear on essay writing in english. The topics would be very easy like "Education is the most powerful weapon" , as was in my case. Few others like "Health is wealth", "India is a developing country" , etc. They don\'t read what complicated words you used in your essay. They just check whether spellings are correct, tenses are correct and punctuations are important.

The result was announced on this day afternoon itself. Out of around 250, 42 cleared.

Coming to the interview round, for us, everyone had 2 rounds, technical and HR. It depends on your interviewer, what sort of questions you would be asked. For my case, my technical round lasted for 5 mins ! He asked me after observing my CV, what software subjects\' courses I did except C and java as was mentioned in my CV and why IT company?

But for many of my fellow mates, interview was not so easy, technical questions were asked from CV.

Next in HR round, ma\'am was very sweet. She asked me some questions from my hobby, as was mentioned in my CV, that was dancing, whether I am flexible or not, and whether I have any questions or not. That\'s all.

The result was announced on 6 pm on that day itself. 22 were selected from 42.