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Capgemini Interview Experience - Mumbai 13/10/2016
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It is a campus drive take place in my college. There are 3 different rounds in placement process.

1. Apti Questions (logical and quantitative).
2. Essay writing.
3. HR and TR interview.

You have to first give attitude. Apti questions are 16 (quantitative) and 16 (logical) and there is no negative marking. You have to provide 50 mins for apti exam. This exam contains question on profit loss, time speed, time work, ratio proportions and for logical more emphasize on syllogism, blood relation, table, and coding decoding. First attend the easy questions and then hard one.
After completing apti questions you will be redirected for writing essay writing. It is most important round so please prepare for this round. For preparation, you can write first in notepad and then copy your essay to Ms word check the mistake and try to minimize your mistakes. Avoid using difficult words. Be simple and accurate. You have to write 200 - 240 words max.
After essay writing round you have to wait for results it will announce within 30 minutes.
If you got selected start interview preparation first study everything about you project and then if you know any programming language. Study some common HR round questions.
Study hard and you will get selected.