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Capgemini Interview Experience - HYDERABAD 9/09/2016
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Capgemini visited our college on 9th of September 2016. It was a pool drive and a total of six colleges participated in the recruitment process and the crowd went up to around 1800.

Capgemini conducts a total of three rounds in their recruitment process.

1) Round one - Written test which includes (Aptitude + reasoning) and followed by an essay writing.
2) Round two - Technical round.
3) Round Three - H.R round.


As usual, this is the most important round in any recruitment process.
Capgemini round one process is conducted by Co-cubes.
There will be a total of 32 questions on your computer screen in which first 16 questions will be of aptitude and rest 16 questions will be on reasoning. There is no verbal English.

Total time will be 50 minutes and you have the freedom of jumping to any section, any questions.

Sectional cut off is there, for aptitude it\'s around 12-13 and the same goes for reasoning too.
Remember: Cutoff is decided by the company so it might varies from college to college but try to attempt at least 12 questions correctly in both section and you\'re done. Trust me.

Written level : Dead easy. Yes, you got me correct it was very easy. All basic questions were given.

Aptitude topics:

- Profit loss.
- Percentages.
- Boats and streams.
- Time distance.
- Problem on trains.
- Ratios.
- Geometry and mensuration (Remember all the formulas that\'re it and solve basic problem).
- Ages and averages.

Guys don\'t get tense seeing the above topics, trust me basic simple problems were given. I can say on a total of 16 questions, you can easily attempt 9-10 questions and the rest try you will get it for sure.


1. Flow charts (very important and easy as well).
2. Syllogism (very important again. Make sure you understand on how to deal with these problems. Refer Youtube and get it cleared).
3. Questions on bar chart or pie chart.
4. Data Sufficiency (basic questions).
5. Predicting next figure (level easy).
6. Number series.
7. Simple analogies.

Trust me, you can attempt all questions in reasoning even if you\'re not prepared. Easy overall.

Tips to clear written: Try registering for co cubes before campus drive and write as many mock tests as possible. On the day of campus, you will find most of the questions are similar.

Essay writing:

- Time limit: 30 minutes.
- Character limit: more than 300 words but less than 400.
- Just be as simple as possible. Avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and no extra spaces.
- A space after comma must and after full stop capital letter.
- Just take care of this basic grammatical syntax and you\'re done.
- Practice on notepad and copy the same on Microsoft word to see where you go wrong. NO red lines mean you\'re going well.

Technical round:

I am from ECE.

1. Prepare from your projects.
2. Brush up your ECE basics. (just a little, no deep )
3. C language and basic programs
4. Smile and be confident.
CSE : sorry no idea


Same repeated questions. I hope you know. (confidence and keep a grin on your face).
Results announced after two days. I got selected.