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Capgemini Interview Experience - Hyderabad, Dec18, 2015(Referral Drive)

Posted By : Taheer Shaik Rating : +721, -15
Here is the whole drive experience of Capgemini Referral drive held on 18th Dec, 2015 at Hyderabad.

I cracked this Drive just in 6 days (preparation time).

I have gone through so many interview experiences before appearing to the drive and today I am here with my experience.

As we know Capgemini is one of the best companies in the world and let me tell you one thing, cracking the Capgemini drive is easy if you prepare hard and plan well.

The Capgemini Drive consists of three Rounds.

1) WRITTEN TEST (3 sections).
2) Group Discussion.
3) Interview (TR+HR).

*******  1) WRITTEN TEST  ********

3 Sections:

- VERBAL (English).
- REASONING (Logical).
- APTITUDE (Maths).

The toughness of the test is Moderate to high. Some say aptitude is easy among 3 and some say verbal is easy but remember it totally depends on us. I felt like all the sections were easy, at least for me.

25 questions will be given in each section total of 75 questions. You can go through any section at any point of time and the total time given will be 90 minutes. Sectional cut-off is there, that means you need to cross the individual cut-0ff mark of all three sections. No one knows the exact cut-off mark (they don't reveal). I guess it'll be around 10-12 or high for each section.

The most important thing here to remember is,

                       ***NOT to top the test***

This is probably the best advice I can give you. Please keep this in mind.

Even if you can solve all the questions from a single section, please don't. I think you can crack the test if you solve 15+ questions from each section. So just try to solve 10-15 questions from each section and then go for remaining if you still have time. From this written test I have realized how precious time is. Thanks to Capgemini.

Its very hard to manage the test in 90 minutes unless you prepare yourself to solve a problem in less than a minute.

If you don't know the answer just leave it, and go for the next problem. Negative marking was not there but I didn't wanted to take any chance. So I attempted limited. (not enough time to do all questions though :P)

::: VERBAL ::: (25 questions)

Start the test with Verbal section to save the time. Go through all the questions from top to bottom in your first attempt and answer as many as you can. Remember answer only if you are confident/know and if you don't know the answer just leave and go for next one. I have answered 10-12 questions in my first attempt in 20 minutes. All you find in verbal section are antonyms, synonyms, missing letters, corrections, arranging the given sentences to a paragraph, RC, etc. This section takes less time.

If you have a good command over English language then this sections needs no preparation. Synonyms, antonyms, missing words, sentence correction, arranging of the lines to a paragraph (tricky), Conclusion, 2 RC passages, articles, prepositions and few more topics. Prepare grammar part well. Don't waste time in reading RC's.

overall it's an easy section.

::: ANALYTICAL ::: (25 questions)

Next I moved to analytical reasoning section. Its very time consuming part with Big charts, Graphs, Diagrams and all, it looks complex and may scare you but trust me these are easy to solve, Just a formula or two. You will get at least 2 graphs and 2 charts (min of 4 questions from each graph).

So you can solve more than 10 questions from these and syllogisms are there which you can never miss so this section is very easy with practice (min 4 questions on syllogisms). I solved 10-12 questions in 20 minutes and went to next section.
Few questions on blood relations, coding - decoding, decision making, conclusions, data sufficiency, assumptions and few more topics.

::: APTITUDE ::: xD (25 questions)

Here comes the Aptitude section. I had 45-50 minutes when I started the aptitude section. The first question itself gave me chills xD, LoooL hold on it's just one question for me this section was easiest among three sections (because I am good at APTI :P). Few questions like 4-5 are very easy. Some are tricky and remaining are tough but we can solve. Those 4-5 questions are not actually very easy questions, my preparation made me solve them in 1 step. So it all depends on how you prepare (I guess this says everything).


3 - 4 problems are given on Functions, Logarithms. Simple questions like,

f(x) = something.

f(y) = something.

find f(z) = ?

f(x) = something.

g(x) = something.

find f(g(x)) = ?

Like these simple problems are given in my set, also 2-3 questions on Logarithms. So prepare functions and logs very well.

Next topic to concentrate is Time, Speed, Distance, Work and related Boats, and Trains problems. I guess 5-6 problems are given on TSDW, as well as on trains, boats. Some are easy and some are tough (tricky). Prepare T/W, T/S/D very very well.

Very Few on number systems and volumes. Check the Cocubes questions for exact pattern of the questions.

Some on Percentages, Profit & Loss, Series , Geometry, Volumes, Ages, Averages, etc.

Concentrate more on the above topics.

Over all your time management and sectional attempt should be like this,

Start Like this                            

(ATTEMPT 1) :p
VERBAL -> 15 - 20 Min -> Solve 10 - 15 or more.

ANALYTICAL -> 15 - 20 Min -> Solve 10 - 15 or more.
APTITUDE -> 15 - 20 Min -> Solve 10 - 15 or more.

And then you will be having 30 - 40 Minutes. Repeat the above process, go for another round.  

(ATTEMPT 2) :p

VERBAL -> 5 - 10 Min -> Attempt 5+.

ANALYTICAL -> 5 - 10 Min -> Attempt 5 +.
APTITUDE -> 5 - 10 Min -> Attempt 5 +.

I Solved more than 15 questions from each section. 21 from Verbal, 18 from Aptitude and 17 from Analytical section (2/3 less or more :P )

Trust me friends, I didn't even had time to attempt the remaining questions. I should have attempted all the questions as there is no -ve marking. This is the only mistake I had done.


Lots of people suggested me to go through R.S. Aggarwal, but the standard of the problems in  R.S. Aggarwal is low (ok for Capgemini drive). I prepared from the Book "Fast track Arithmatic" by Rajesh Verma. It's a fantastic book to master aptitude. Lots of formulas and fast track methods for each model. Try to get it if possible, you will surely love it.

Capgemini Written test is conducted by COCUBES. Search for the COCUBES papers and pattern, the same type of questions will be given.

Don't forget to check the COCUBES questions pattern :) It will give an idea of the exact pattern of the questions asked in Written test.

Uffff that was lengthy.


More than 6000 people appeared to the drive from all over india. 600 - 650 people cracked the written test. I was one of them.

Next Round is GD:


Before starting written test, you need to enter your basic details like name, marks, email and all.

I entered the wrong Email id and didn't received any confirmation mail after written test. #LOL

So Next day I went to college just to ask whats wrong because I was too confident about the test. They said my mail was bounced back and they called trice (I didn't lifted) and my batch's GD round was completed already.

My batch number was 5 and 20th was running when I arrived college. Luckily they allowed me with the next batch.

Check your details you entered thrice before starting the test. 12 members per batch and total of 50 batches. In my batch 10 of the 12 were Girls.

HR came, wished and gave us the topic. Our topic was "BAN ON DIESEL VEHICLES (pros and cons)"

5 minutes to prepare.

I wanted to start the discussion and the other guy started it, and we had a great discussion for about 30 min.

::: Things to Remember :::

*  Have knowledge on all the recent topics, issues happening around like digital india, make in india, terrorism and all.

*  Check GD videos on Youtube. (IELTS speaking videos will be useful)

*  Learn how to talk, how to initiate, how to Conclude, how not to interrupt, how to even sit, how to listen, body language. These are simple things but these really really matters.

*  It's not necessary to start, but it creates a good impact if you start with a good point.

*  Whatever you talk, it's should be related to the topic.

*  Listen very very carefully, even though you are thinking, just act like you are listening and accepting what others are saying.

*  I Agree with you, I partially agree, I do not agree with you, as our friend said, use these words/phrases, Learn where to use these phrases.

*  What you are speaking is most important, not how much you are speaking, few people in our batch gave only few points and made it to the interview.

*  Try to initialize and conclude only if you have good points to put.

*  Be confident. Try to give that confident kinda look atleast.

*  Give recent examples, always try to explain with examples.


If you know nothing about the topic given, wait for others to start discussion, sit back and relax. Listen to every one, you will get an idea about that topic and gather some information from that discussion, add few more words and kill it like a BOSS. I even had no idea about that topic but its general topic so it was easy.


*********  INTERVIEW ***********

300 to 400 Members made it to the final round. Its HR + TR. I was asked to come at 12 PM and my interview started at 4 p.m :(

Certificate verification before the Interview. Just to check % criteria & to make sure you have no gaps in education. Then we are called to the panel room. I was waiting for my turn, fully tensed. HR in the panel in front of me was killing the candidate. He has given him a piece of paper and asked to do something with it, and then gave his mobile and asking something do with it, he was totally nailing the candidate. It was purely of HR INTERVIEW.

Then came my turn.

ME - May I get in?

HR - Come in.
ME - Thank you sir.

HR - Can you close the door please (I forgot to close the door).
ME - Oops, okay. (closed and waiting for him to say "take your seat")

HR - Have your seat.
ME - Thank you sir.

HR - Well, Let me know about yourself.
Me - My pleasure. Told about my educational details, (I was a former IIIT Student and HR INTERRUPTED me when I said I quit it after PUC).

HR - Why did you quit it (IIIT)?
ME - Told.

HR - Tell me about your Family.
ME - Told.


HR - How did you managed as a Team leader during your Major Project?
ME - Told. (guess I impressed him with my answer :P)

HR - Explain your mini project?
ME - Told him. (my mini is related to windmills)

HR - Have you visited windmill system?
ME - No sir.
(5 or 6 questions related to my mini project like and I answered all.

HR - Explain your Major.
ME - Explained in detail for about 5 min.

HR - That's good.
ME - Thank you sir.

HR - Have you tried for any other companies?
ME - Without any word, shown him my 2 offer letters I have, and this is my first drive (after passing out of campus).

HR - Checked the call letters.
HR - Why have you not joined?

ME - Actually I wanted do masters sir, but I changed my decision and decided to get a good job in a TOP MNC to start my professional career.
HR - Why?

ME - During my Bachelors... bla bla bla. So I decided to start my professional career instead of going for masters. ( I have given the answer in my own way)

HR - Any preferred university?
ME - Told.

HR - Why?
ME - Because of the research work and all. bla bla..

HR - Why Only US?
ME - Told.


HR - So, you know python. (I mentioned it in the resume)
ME - Yes sir! (python was one of my subject in PUC at IIIT)

HR - Do you know which company is using python in INDIA ? (with a little smiling)
ME - hmmm...No idea sir.

HR - OKAY Write down a program in python.
ME - Any program?

HR - Yeah!
ME - Print ("Welcome to capgemini")
ME - Its over sir!

HR - I Will kill you (with smile), put some logic in it.
ME - Trying to make it complex by taking loops and all, then.

HR - Okay let me give you a program. Print your name in reverse order! This will decide the whole interview.
ME - (Actually I have not prepare python before going to the interview, though I have good knowledge on it). Finally I have written the code and he was very impressed with the way I wrote the code.
ME - Actually it's been 5 years since I compiled my last Python program in PUC. So i don't actually remember everything, but I have tried. (HR interrupted)

HR - No No. I am just checking the logic. It's good Taheer.
ME - Sir, is it correct?

HR - Yes Taheer, But, (Corrected a small error in my code)

HR - (Checking my Resume)

HR - You are from Electronics background and why are you migrating to IT field?

ME - (I have given the best possible answer to this question)

HR - (Checking Resume)

HR - What is 3D Printing? (I mentioned in my resume that I organized/attended the 3D workshop).
ME - Told.

HR - Is there any involvement of Humans being while printing?
ME - Clearly explained about the 3D printing process.

HR - Suppose think you have prepared a Software for me. I found few bugs in it and asked you to rectify them. So how do you identify and correct those errors?
ME - I will check the program from the beginning to the end, I will check the type of the error first.

HR - Still you are not able to find the error, then what will you do?
ME - I will ask my friend to check it for me (with lil laugh ), (Lol I shouldn't have told this)

HR - (Laughed)

HR - After joining in Capgemini if you get a chance to do Masters in US, what would you choose? MS or JOB?
ME - I have already decided to start my professional career here in india. That is why I am here today.

HR - So you won't go for MS? (Don't know why he was stressing on this point)
ME - No sir. (With loud & Confident voice)

HR - Okay Taheer. Do you have anything to ask?
ME - Sir I have gone through the CG Website and I Found the slogan "People matter, results count". What exactly does it means?

HR - (Explained in detail)
ME - While interviewing, what qualities you people (HRs) look for?

HR - ( )

HR - Anything else?
ME - (I gave him a compliment that he is very friendly and cool)

HR - Thank you :)

HR - Okay Taheer. You can leave now.
ME - Thank you sir. Looking Forward to see you again :) Have a nice time.

That's it. He is a cool person, the way he's asking questions was very smooth and friendly.

The whole interview lasted for about 20-30 minutes.

He mainly concentrated on what's there in my RESUME, So guys make you resume short and simple.

Results were announced through mails After 3 days.

I was lucky enough to get placed in my first interview itself. That too in Capgemini. Of course luck matters but hard work always pays - off. Don't give up if you don't succeed in your first attempt.

I would love to help you :).

* All THE BEST *

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