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Capgemini Interview Experience - SWEC, Hyderabad, 10,11 Sept, 2015

Posted By : Syeda Naila Shuttary Rating : +261, -6
Hello everyone!

This is Naila pursuing EEE final year. I attended Capgemini on-campus drive in my College on 10th of September. We were informed about the drive last month and were provided with Cocubes login Id and Password 2 weeks before the drive. I made use of the CRT given I my college and some very useful websites like Indiabix, M4maths, freshersworld etc.

So let me start with the what all happened on the day of drive.

The drive pattern was o consisting of 3 rounds namely:

1. Online assessment exam by Cocubes.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Interview.


This round comprised of 75 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes.

The exam was divided into 3 sections as follows:


In this round, we were provided with 25 questions and it comprised of reading comprehensions of lengths ranging from 40-60 lines followed by 3 to 4 questions. In my set, there were 2 RCs, They mainly pose questions from these Rcs which test how fast we can assess the message given by the author. Then you have synonyms. I got two 2 synonyms.

1. UNCEASING 2. EXEMPLARY (simple though) but others got some typical synonyms too.

Then there were Correction of sentences (3-4). Rearranging the sentences (5 marks) , Fill in the blanks with the word that suits the best (2-3), and so on.

For Verbal, all you need to do be prepared is with good reading and understanding skills. Though time consuming, but still you can easily clear cutoff.

It took me 35 minutes to complete this part because I wasted much time on Rcs, : / :  (.

Analytical reasoning:

Well this section too has 25 Questions Comprising of Flowcharts which were 2 in number but had 4-5 questions based on each chart. Then I had 2 Bar graphs too based questions each with 4-5 in number. Concentrate on SYLLOGISMS a lot! I almost got 6 questions on this topic such that you will be given 3 statements and 2 conclusions driven from it and from these 2, you will be provided with 4 options. Then I had one number series, alphabet series, also concentrate on The questions from which you will be asked to draw conclusions i.e., Data interpretation questions. They will consume much time if not practiced before exam.

For Example: Q. 1. Find the value of x+y ?

I) The value of x-y = 20.

II) The value of 4x+3y= 12.

Options follow:

A) Only i is sufficient to solve.

B) Only ii is sufficient.

C) both i and ii are sufficient but either is not sufficient.

D) Neither of the i and ii are sufficient.

Well it took 30 more minutes for this section.

Finally I was left with 25 minutes to do my Quant part.

Quantitative aptitude:

In this section, you will be provided with geometry based 2 questions on cylinders, cones etc.  (Brush up the formulas), profit and loss, percentages, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry, trains and streams, proportions, savings and expenditure etc.

They concentrate on the above topic much and clocks, calendars were not given.

Due to lacking of my time management skills, I just got 20 minutes to solve these but was able to clear cutoff.

After the time was up, we were asked to leave for the day.

The results were sent to our mail. Out of 311 students, 127 cleared the online exam and there was no negative marking. I too cleared first round and the remaining round were scheduled for 11th of sept. They were GD and interview.

11th of September, 2015:

We reached the college by 8:30. The shortlisted students were divided into groups of 13 or 14.

Following were the GD Topics for various groups:

1. International Terrorism.

2. Women Empowerment in Corporate sector.

3. WE are not serious about Wildlife/Environment.

4. Women choosing IT as her career is good or bad?

5. Impact of Social Media on youth.

6. Developing countries need trade but not aid.

7. If you want to make yourself a brand, what would you highlight in you?

8. China vs India in terms of Technology.

9. Men Vs Women (Equal, or better or Inferior).

And 2 more I don't remember :P.

Mine was International Terrorism.

We were given 10 minutes to make out points and then 30 minutes to DEBATE. Yes you heard it right, Debate, the observer asked us to debate rather than a GD. So you could be asked to defend or debate or discuss, Be ready with valid points and Confident in your expressing of thoughts. As my college is Women's, The GD topics mainly were Women Oriented but have a look at the trending topics too!

Well I was selected after GD too.

Out of 127, 68 cleared GD.

Then ROUND 3:

Before interview, we had certificate Verification, where they check for, whether you have any active backlogs and %. Nothing serious.


The interviewer called out for my name and then I went into the panel. He was so generous to open the door for me and let me in!

I wished him then and was asked to take a seat.

Interviewer: So, how was the day, Naila?
Me: Said.

Int: So, Naila, Introduce yourself?
ME: Did.

Int: Though you belong to EEE background, why is it that you wanna join Software?
Me: Explained.

Then he bombarded with some technical questions.

Int: What is the modulation used in Television?
Me: Sir, I know only FM and AM. Is it FM to AM ? (in confused manner).

Int: No! try to answer!
Me: Sr, I don't know (in a pleasing manner with a smile).

Int: Its siegel band modulation.
Me: Oh, I never heard of it, Sir!

Int: Well, no problem.
Now looking at my project description,

Int: What is the difference between MP and MC.
Me: Answered.

Int: Write a program on Factorial of 5.
Me: Wrote with a minute mistake and he corrected it with a smile : ).

Int: What is breakdown voltage of Zener diode?
Me: I forgot that but since I can't say directly that I forgot, I connected various topics related with diodes and answered about zener diode but not bluffing. I answered that logically.

Int:  (With a cunning smile) what if I don't provide you with this job?
Me: Said.

Int: What if I Relocate you in Thiruvananthapuram?
Me: Answered.

Int: Family Background?
Me: Told.

Int: Okay Naila, that's it for today : ) (shakes hand). You may leave now ! (all smiles on his face).

After 5 hours, at 5:30, The results were declared and yayyy!, my interviewer itself declared my name!

Finally 36 students were selected out of 68 interviews conducted.

All you need to do before attending any campus drive is to have an eye on the company whereabouts and what's going on in the company and the elite people of the company, then the basic logics to clear the online exam, then confidence for GD, and finally, modest and honest for clearing the interview with basic technical skills which you have mentioned in your resume. Be clear with everything mentioned in your resume which forms the basis for questions asked in Interview!

All The Best!

Never lose Confidence in yourself!

Thanks for sparing time to read my experience! Much love to Indiabix which provides a platform for sharing and learning. Helped me a lot for cracking the job.

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