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Capgemini Interview Experience - RGUKT-IIIT BASAR & 29th Oct 2014

Posted By : Koppula Sandeep Rating : +496, -14
Hello my dear friends !

I am Koppula Sandeep, Final year Electronics&Communication Engineering student of RAJIV GANDHI UNIVERSITY OF KNOWLEDGE TECHNOLOGIES(RGUKT)-IIIT BASAR.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to IndiaBix and to those who have shared their interview experience which has helped me a lot regarding how to face interviews and clear written exam.

So finally I've deserved for this after some failures, because I've selected in one of the most reputed companies in the world i.e "CAPGEMINI".

Okay lets start my experience.
On 29th oct 2014,  I attended Capgemini Placement drive in my campus which comprised of 3 rounds:

1. Written Test.
2. GD.
3. Personal Interview (Technical + Hr at a time).

As usual first round is Written Test:
Verbal:  25 questions.
Logical: 25 questions.
Quants:  25 questions.

Written test was conducted by CoCubes.
Each section is of 25 marks.

Total number of questions are 75 and total time was given 90 minutes, but the biggest thing is there is sectional cutoff and also negative marking.

I have attempted all the reasoning questions because I am confident enough in reasoning and 21 questions of verbal and 19 questions of quanta out of them at least 15 correct. Guys always do the reasoning part first because it was simple and it takes less time and followed by verbal. Devote your maximum time in quanta.

I have given something 40 minutes in quanta.

Logical and quants will be easy you don't need to concentrate more on this but you have to do some work by solving problems in R.S. Aggarwal and logical reasoning part because then only you will get confidence to attend the test.

Logical reasoning: mainly focus on Syllogism, direction sense,data sufficiency more.

Verbal :

Don't think this part is very tedious as others opinion, this is moderate part and it is up to your verbal skills.

I must say I am not good in English but I put my effort to get some improvement on this and I deserved.

* More concentration on vocabulary because if you can understand the meaning of given content you can easily find out the answers.
* Give more concentration for Sentence correction part.
* Two long passages will be given in comprehension part but that will be very easy you can find out answers by searching keywords as in questions.
* Try to get at least 15-20 answers correct in verbal.

Almost 500 students appeared for this drive and among them 186 students got selected in first round including me.


After 2weeks gap Group discussion conducted.

Our topic : Impact of Social network on society.
10 members for each panel.
He gave chance to us to select topic. We discussed and finally selected this topic.
He observed when we are discussing to select the topic.

After selecting he gave 2min to think and gave 20min to discuss.

He observe mostly on these things.

-> No.of chances they took .
-> Is he diverting the topic or speaking based on the topic?
-> Examples(recently happened or past). This is very important thing in the discussion.
-> Finally there may be chance to get more marks to introduction candidate and conclusion so try to speak valid point as initiator.

I am starting my discussion as 4th person in my group. I gave more current examples.
I took 30sec to 1min for each chance. Nearly I took 5 chances. So give valid points in less time.

He gave the chance to all the members in group to conclude the topic.
In Each panel 2-6 members are selected. In my panel 6 members are selected including me(Among 186 students 80 are selected to Interview).

And some panel members conducted JAM, every person have to speak about the topic.
Participate in mock GD's&JAM sessions. Be prepare for all.

3rd ROUND(HR and Technical).

During this session I got one nice and very very friendly person as HR.
Actually this is my 3rd interview experience(after Tech Mahindra & TCS)

Me: May I get in sir (with little base).
HR: Get in.

Me: Good afternoon sir.
HR: Good noon! Take your seat.
Me: Thank you sir. (sat).

HR: Ok give me your resume and one passport size photo.
Me: I given.

HR: Tell me about Your self Sandeep.
Me: Already I prepared for this question I said my full name and told about my studies and where these completed.

HR: One logical question "You have 15 rupees. You went to shop and bought chocolates with that money. Each chocolate is 1 rupee. If you give three chocolate wrappers to the shopkeeper than he give one chocolate to you. So finally how many chocolates you have?"
Me: Can I take paper sir...

Hr: ya Sure(Gave one paper).
Me: Took sometime for thinking and explained the problem correctly on paper(answer is 22).
He looking in to my eyes with smile.I am also maintain little smile on my face and I asked sir.... Is it correct sir?

Hr: ya correct (with smile).
Me: :) :) :).

Hr: Your smile is very nice Sandeep.
Me: Thank you sir(happily). Actually this is my second compliment on my smile in interview.

Hr: Is Swapping possible without using 3rd variable. He gave a=5,b=6
Me: I directly said "It's not possible sir".... I told without thinking.(Because I thought in wrong way)

Hr: Not possible? He asked another time.
Me: (I am confusing..)"I am not getting sir, Is it possible sir?"

Hr: It's possible..
Me: May I know the answer sir?

Hr: He said Think Think.....while Thinking He asked another logical question i.e "In a town only 2 barber shops are there, you are new person to that town you want hair don't know which person do better should not ask any person. Then how can you choose best barber?

Me: I thought some time and explained correctly.....i.e while looking 2 barbers which person hairstyle is good than go to the opposite person bcz only 2 barbers are in the town. So they can only cut their hair each other. This logic I explained clearly.
While explaining answer again he looking at me with smile

Me: Sir..... Is is correct?

Hr:" Yes"...(he gave one hint to the swapping problem i.e 2nd qn)..."Now do this.."
Me: With the help I done the swapping problem.

Me: He asked 3 or 4 technical questions about my ECE background. I answered all questions. Than he checked my mark sheets.

Hr: Ok you can go Sandeep(Shakes hand).
Me: Thank you sir.

That's it. :) :) :)

Finally I got results after 1 week with sweet news that is I am selected. Ya that is really a memorable moment in my life.( among 80 around 31 students got selected).

Capgemini will test your communication and confidence. Nothing more than that. Even if you do not know the answers, say them frankly and ask them.

" Can I know the answer for that sir?"

My advice: As I said earlier I've deserved this after some hard and painful failures even I got frustrated some time I didn't give up my hard work.

So do your work and don't expect too much when attending placement drives just try to learn from your failures and try to rectify that next time.

When your turn come everything will be good. ALL THE BEST GUYS. HAVE FUN :) :) :)

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