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Capgemini - Guwahati, 27th August.

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Important instructions & Guidelines

English Usage Questions: 25, 1 mark for correct answer, - 0.25 mark for incorrect answer

Read the passage given below and answer the following Questions:

The questions relate to the words or phrases bold in the following passage. However, the entire passage may have to be read before attempting the questions.
An old spectre is haunting Delhi. Abandoned elsewhere in the world by a merciless history, it has taken refuge in a place where there is no Pope or Czar to overcome. Communism, the unravelled lie of the last century, may have lost its original homelands in Russia and Eastern Europe. Doesn't matter, there are always theorists in thrall who can argue with such dialectical conviction about the inevitabilities of scientific error in practice. So, there is always a socialist afterlife beyond the detritus of the Soviet empire and the fallen vassal states.

There are also revolutionaries like Prakash Karat armed with the book to guard against the possibility of Marx being exiled to the souvenir shop. Thank God, the revolution of Karat is bound by the armchair. The world as he sees it is a world hostile to the revolutionary ideal, and where counter-revolutionary viruses are on the offensive. He has identified them, and his diktats against them are the most decisive commandments in Indian politics today.

Q 1. 'Thrall' in the context of the passage means

A. Slave

B. Attendance

C. Abundance

D. Support

Q 2. Pick the pair of words which have the same meaning:

A. 1,3

B. 4,6

C. 2,4

D. 1,5

Q 3. The general tenor of the passage is

A. Critical of the stand taken by Prakash Karat

B. One of sarcasm against Prakash Karat

C. Appreciative of the stand taken by Prakash Karat

D. Supportive of the stand taken by Prakash Karat

Read the passage given below and answer the following Questions:

Bamboo is a woody plant of the grass family. There are about 1,000 species of bamboos. They grow throughout the tropical and semitropical regions of the world, especially in southern Asia, at altitudes ranging from sea level to 13,000 feet (4,000 m). The pygmy bamboo of Japan is about the size of field grass, while in China, India, and the northern Andes Mountains of South America there are bamboos 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter and 120 feet (37 m) tall. The Culm, or stem, of most species of bamboo, like that of most grasses, is hollow and jointed. The culms grow rapidly, reaching their full height in two months or less. They do not grow thicker; the new shoots (sprouts) have their full diameter when they emerge. Delicate leaves growing from the upper nodes (joints) give the top of the Culm a feathery look. Bamboo grows in dense groves, new culms being produced by rhizomes (underground stems).Many species of bamboo flower only at long intervals"30, 60, or 120 years. When flowering occurs, all plants of that species, all over the world, flower at about the same time. Then the culms die. The grove, however, does not die, because some rhizomes survive to send up new shoots and some seeds take root. But it takes about five years for a grove to become fully reestablished, and the culms are not suitable for harvesting until they are three to five years old.

In some parts of Asia entire houses are made of bamboo. Bamboo poles form the framework and bamboo splints are woven into latticework for walls and partitions. Split bamboo is used for floors, and roofs are made of bamboo leaves laid on bamboo poles. Sections of Culm with a node at one end, depending on their size, serve as cups, bottles, jars, and other containers. Bamboo shoots are used in many Oriental (especially Chinese) dishes, and bamboo seeds can be roasted and eaten. Knives are made from the outer wall of the Culm, and paper from the inner wall. Many products are made of bamboo for export or tourist trade in Asian countries. Masts of boats are made from culms, and culms with the nodes bored out are used as water pipes. Bows and arrows are also made from bamboo. Large amounts of bamboo are imported into Western countries to make curtains, umbrella handles, walking sticks, fishing poles, baskets, chairs, cages, and wicker work. Cellulose extracted from bamboo is used in the manufacture of rayon and other man-made textiles. Carbonized bamboos served as the filament in early electric light bulbs. Bamboos are members of the family Gramineae. There are more than 50 genera. Only two species are native to the United States. Arundinaria gigantean is the giant cane of the canebrakes of the South. It grows as far north as Virginia and as far west as Louisiana. It reaches 25 feet (7.6 m) in height. The switch cane, A. tecta, grows to 12 feet (3.7 m), and may be found from Maryland and Indiana to Texas. Bamboos that grow as tall as 100 feet (30 m) include Bambusa arundinaceous of India (which now also grows in Florida) and Dendrocalamus giganteus of Burma.

Q 4. What is not true about the Bamboos?

A. Bamboo seeds can be used for eating

B. Bamboos were used as bulb filament in earlier bulbs

C. Bamboo culms are not suitable for harvesting before five years

D. Some of the houses are completely constructed by bamboos

Q 5. What is the use of Bamboo that is not mentioned in passage?

A. Knife

B. Floor

C. Paper

D. Pen

Q 6. All bamboos all over the world flower at same time when the flowering time comes-

A. True

B. May be true

C. False

D. Definitely False

Q 7. A Word in bold letters is given in following questions you are required to mark most synonym of the word as your answer from the choices available.

Take care of what u say! You will have to eat your words!

A. You have no food to eat.

B. You will have to take back what you have said.

C. You are not good with your language

D. None of the above

Q 8. Read each of the following sentences some part or the entire sentence is marked in Bold. Below each sentence is given four ways of phrasing the bold part. Select the answer from among the choices, which produces the most effective sentence, one that is clear and exact.

Police ransacks their homes looking for arms; they brutalize men and insult women.

A. Police ransack their homes looking for arms

B. Police ransacks their homes to look for arms

C. Police has ransacked their homes looking for arms

D. Police ransacks their home in the look for arms.

Q 9. They were having __ essential debate on __ role of women empowerment in __ auditorium.

A. a, the, the

B. the, the, an

C. a, an, the

D. an, the, the

Q 10. Following sentence contains one (and only one) error in grammar, usage or idiom. The sentence have been broken into four parts. Identify the part containing the error.

A. Companies that are ready

B. to abide with these guidelines

C. will be admitted

D. as members of the 'Consortium for Social Cause'

Q 11. A Word in bold letters is given in following questions you are required to mark most synonym of the word as your answer from the choices available.

I racked my brains to solve this difficult problem.

A. I read a large number of books.

B. I consulted several people

C. I used my commonsense

D. I subjected my mind to hard thinking

Q 12. Each sentence is in direct or indirect speech and is followed by four alternatives of the opposite form of narration to that of the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.:

The man with the gun said to us, "Don't move!"

A. The man with the gun requested us not to move.

B. The man with the gun warned us not to move.

C. The man with the gun said to us not to move.

D. The man with the gun said don't move.

Q 13. Mark the most similar word with word given below


A. Professional

B. Charlatan

C. Practitioner

D. Spontaneous

Q 14. Mark the incorrect word among the ones marked in bold in the following sentence:

The marsupial kangaroo protects it's young one from enemies by lodging it in the pouch.

A. marsupial

B. lodging

C. it's

D. pouch

Q 15. Which of the following part of sentence is incorrect?

A. According to Buddha

B. the solution to all our woes

C. laid in our desire

D. for the fulfillment of our urges

Q 16. In the following question, four similar sentences are given, of which only one is grammatically correct, stylistically elegant and semantically consistent. Identify that sentence.

A. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any rule, his publishing the article would tantamount to libel, as it tarnished the image of the august body.
B. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any law, his publishing the article would be tantamount to slander, as it tarnished the image of the august body.
C. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any law, his publishing the article would be tantamount to slander, as it tarnished the image of the a great body.
D. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any law, his publishing the article would be tantamount to libel, as it tarnished the image of the august body.

Q 17. The following question contain three sets each of three sentences of which none/one/two/all may be incorrect. Which of them are incorrect?

1. Even though the newly developed seed did bring in a better crop, the farmers were not specious about the next year.
2. It is easy to explain the preference of aficionados of coffee to Robusta over Arabica.
3. The 'Padmashri' was a handsome reward to the distinguished scientist who had worked tiresomely for developing an electronic device for keeping pests away.

A. 1 and 2

B. 2 and 3

C. 1 and 3

D. None

Q 18. A Word in bold letters is given in following questions you are required to mark most synonym of the word as your answer from the choices available.

He was a king who ruled his subjects with a high hand.

A. sympathetically

B. Oppressively

C. Democratically

D. Generously

Q 19. What is the meaning of the following idiom.
Wild-goose chase

A. going on a hunt

B. tough competition

C. A hopeless quest

D. none of these

Q 20. Fill in the blanks:

The argument that the need for a new monetary policy to ..demand outweighs the need to .budget deficits its persuasive.

A. Assess, minimize

B. Outstrip, eliminate

C. Stimulate, control

D. Restraint, Conceal

Q 21. Choose the option which uses the correct word meaning 'scared':

A. My sister is afraid of cockroaches.

B. My sister is fearful of cockroaches.

C. My sister is frightful of cockroaches.

D. My sister is feared of cockroaches

Q 22. Ravi has trouble falling or staying asleep. I guess, he suffers from _______.

A. fever

B. anxiety

C. insomnia

D. cough

Q 23. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option:

The .and hypnotically soothing voice chanting from Vedas .over a flood of old memories.

A. Euphonious ..glided

B. Dulcet.floated

C. Tuneful.drifted

D. Melodious.wafted

Q 24. Blue stocking means ..

A. Knowledge

B. Disappointment

C. Urgency

D. Enjoyment

Q 25. Words spoken as a magical spell or charm

A. Incantation

B. Hymn

C. Paean

D. Chorale

  Analytical Reasoning Questions: 25, 1 mark for correct answer, -0.25 mark for incorrect answer

See the flow chart and answer the following

Q 26. Given that "Namebreak" indicates a name which has not occurred before in the file, indicate which of the following does the flow chart do?

A. The flow chart processes every line in the file

B. The flow chart processes the lines with the first occurrence of a name

C. The "Number of records" indicate the number of unique names in the file

D. The flow chart would process only the first line in the file

Q 27. How will the flowchart handle a scenario where the file is empty?

A. The flow chart will throw an error

B. This will get into an infinite loop

C. There will be no error and it will not print anything

D. There will be no error and it prints "Number of records read" as zero

Q 28. What will the variable 'ctr' hold at the end of the flowchart execution?

A. The total number of records in the file

B. The total number of unique names in the file

C. The number of records for the last name in the file

D. Zero

Q 29. What is the maximum number of entries in the file that the algorithm in the flowchart can handle?

A. One line

B. Zero lines (i.e., empty file)

C. Until the first "Namebreak" is found

D. Any number of files, governed by any o/s limitation:

See the flow chart and answer the following

Q 30. After the flowchart completely executes, what will be the starting memory address of the array .i.e., the address of value A[0]

A. 2002

B. 2007

C. 2003

D. 1997

Q 31. How will the algorithm in the flowchart handle a value of M=0?

A. Will get into an infinite loop

B. Will throw an error indicating invalid value

C. Will retain the same value

D. The logic does not clearly define this scenario


Eight friends A to H are students of three colleges " Loyola, Xaviers and Christ " with two to three in each college. They are majoring in three subjects " Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Not more than three of them specialize in any subject. G studies Physics in Xaviers with only E who studies Mathematics. A and H do not study in Christ and study the same discipline but not Physics. C studies Mathematics in Christ with F who studies Physics. D studies Mathematics and does not study in the same college were C studies. B does not study Chemistry.

Q 32. Which of the following combinations of College-Student-Subject is correct?

A. Christ-C-Chemistry

B. Loyola-H-Physics

C. Xaviers-G-Chemistry

D. Xaviers-G-Physics

Q 33. In which college(s) do two students study Physics?

A. Only Loyola

B. Only Xaviers

C. Only Christ

D. None of these

Q 34. What is B's specialization?

A. Physics

B. Mathematics

C. Physics or Mathematics

D. Data inadequate

Q 35. In which college does at least one student study Mathematics?

A. Only Loyola

B. Only Xaviers

C. Only Christ

D. All three

Q 36. In which college does D study?

A. Loyola

B. Xaviers

C. Loyola or Xaviers

D. Data inadequate

Q 37. In a certain code language, if 'ADDRESS' is coded as ZCQDRR, then how will you code the word building?





Q 38. Azim is taller than Bikram who is taller than Chitra. Daniel is taller than Ebrahim. None of them is of the same height.
Which of the following is not possible?

A. Bikram is in the middle when they stand according to their heights

B. Azim is not the tallest but Chitra is the shortest

C. Daniel is taller than Bikram and Ebrahim is shorter than Chitra

D. Azim is not the tallest but Chitra is the third shortest

Q 39. In the following series of digits how many even numbers are immediately preceded and immediately followed by 7?
7 6 5 2 4 3 1 7 9 3 5 2 4 3 6 8 4

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

Q 40. Complete the series
4, 18, 100, 294, ______

A. 1000

B. 1100

C. 1210

D. 1452

Each question below consists of a main statement followed by four numbered statements. From the numbered statements, select the one that logically follows the main statement.

Q 41. If the teacher is in the class, then the children will either read or keep quiet.

A. The children will not read or will not keep quiet, implies that the teacher is not in the class

B. If the teacher is not in the class, then the children will not read and will not keep quiet.

C. The children will not read and will not keep quiet, implies that the teacher is not in the class.

D. If the teacher is not in the class, then the children will not keep quiet or will not read

Q 42. Whenever an earthquake occurs, either a tsunami or a volcanic eruption takes place,

A. If a volcanic eruption or a tsunami takes place, then an earthquake must have occurred.

B. If a volcanic eruption did not occur and a tsunami did not occur, then an earthquake did not occur.
C. If an earthquake does not occur, neither a tsunami nor a volcanic eruption takes place

D. If earthquake occurs and volcanic eruption takes place, then tsunami does not occur.

Q 43. Whenever India plays Pakistan, I will either bite my nails or my BP rises.

A. India is not playing Pakistan, means that I will neither bite my nails nor my BP does rise.

B. I am biting my nails or my BP rises, implies that India is playing Pakistan

C. I am not biting my nails or my BP did not rise, means that India is not playing Pakistan

D. If India is playing Pakistan but my BP is not rising, means that I must be biting my nails

Q 44. Unless the party gets a majority, the house will be dissolved and the President's rule will be imposed.

A. The party got a majority, it means that either the house will not be dissolved or the President's rule will not be imposed
B. The house is not dissolved or the President's rule is not imposed, means that the party got a majority
C. The house is not dissolved and the President's rule is not imposed, means that the party got a majority
D. Both (b) and (c).

Q 45. Which space experienced the highest change in energy use between 1990 and 2000?

A. Kitchen

B. Print Room

C. Meeting Rooms

D. PC Room

Q 46. By what percentage did the power usage decrease or increase in 2000 compared to 1990?

A. increase by 11.8%

B. decrease by 11.8%

C. increase by 13.3%

D. decrease by 13.3%

Q 47. What is the difference between the energy used by kitchen in 1990 and in 2000?

A. 3400

B. 1300

C. 2100

D. None of the above

These questions are based on the following data

A team of five players is to be selected from a group of ten players " A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J
(i) Exactly one of G and H must be selected
(ii) H and A must be selected together, if selected
(iii) B and F must be selected together, if selected
(iv) F and J cannot be selected together
(v) C and D cannot be selected together.

Q 48. Which of the following can be a possible team?





Q 49. If J is selected and E is not selected, then who among the following cannot be selected?

A. H

B. D

C. I

D. G

Q 50. Which of the following statements must be true?

A. If G is selected, then B is selected.

B. If G is selected, then at least one of E and I is selected.

C. If H and B are selected, then E cannot be selected.

D. If J is not selected, then B is selected

  Numerical Reasoning Questions: 25, 1 mark for correct answer, -0.25 mark for incorrect answer

Q 51. A rectangular tank can hold k liters of water. How many liters of water can a tank with all its dimensions double that of the first one hold?

A. 2k liters

B. 23 liters

C. 4k liters

D. 6k liters

Q 52. A triangle has sides of lengths 10, 24 and n, where n is a positive n is a positive integer. The number of values of n for which this triangle has three acute angles is

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Q 53. In the rectangle ABCD, the perpendicular bisector of AC divides the longer side AB in a ratio
2: 1. Then the angle between AC and BD is

A. 30o

B. 45o

C. 60o

D. 90o

Q 54. A sphere of 10.5 cm radius is melted and cast into a cuboid of maximum volume. The total surface area of such cuboid is approximately:

A. 1720

B. 1650

C. 1810

D. 1932

Q 55. Consider a right angle triangle where the length of the shorter leg is one third of the length of its hypotenuse. If the length of the shorter leg is 7 cm, then calculate the area of the triangle in square cm.

A. 7 * square root of 2

B. 49 * square root of 2

C. 14 * square root of 2

D. 49

Q 56. Suppose that a train journey is being charged as below:
-- Minimum ticket cost is Rs. 100, which entitles the ticket holder to travel up to a distance of 10 miles
--For every additional mile traveled, the charge is Rs. 10
--A minimum luggage weight of 10 kg is not charged, after which it is charged at Rs. 1 per kg.
During a specific journey, suppose you carry a weight of 'n' kg, and a distance of 'm' miles is traveled, which equation will indicate the correct total charge to be paid by you?

A. 100 + (10 * (m-10)) + n

B. 100 - (10 * m) + (n-10)

C. 100 + (10 * (m-10)) + (n-10)

D. 100 - (10 * (m+10)) + (n-10)

Q 57. There are two queues at a supermarket billing counter. In the first queue there are m1 customers all with n1 items in their baskets, while in the second queue there are m2 customers all with n2 items in their baskets. It takes t seconds to process each item and p seconds for each person to pay. A customer wishes to know which queue to join.
Which one of these options gives the condition for the first queue to be the better queue to join?

A. m1(p+n1t) = m2(p+n2t)

B. m1(p+n1t) <m2(p+n2t)

C. m2(p+n2t) = m1(p+n1t)

D. m1(p+n1t) = m2(p+n2t)

Q 58. Take a bicycle with following specifications:

--The front de-railer is on the 52 tooth gear and the rear de-railer is on the 14 tooth gear
--The rear gear has 14 teeth
--The diameter of the rear wheel is 27"

If a bicyclist pedals at 75 revolutions per minute, then what will be the speed achieved?

A. 22.38

B. 26.85

C. 25

D. 30

Q 59. Suppose Mr. X works for company A. The company grants 1000 shares to Mr. X in 2008. At that point each share is worth Rs. 100. In 2010, he decides to sell his entire stake and at that point, the value is Rs. 120 per share. The government declares that the tax to be paid is 10% of the entire profit. Due to the inflation, the value of a rupee in 2010 is equivalent to 0.8 of a rupee in 2008. In this scenario, which of the following model indicates the actual tax to be paid by the investor?

A. 120 Rs at 2010 value " 100 Rs at 2008 value

B. 120 Rs at 2010 value " 100 Rs at 2008 value * (1 Re at 2010 value / 0.8 Re at 2008 value)

C. 120 Rs at 2008 value " 100 Rs at 2010 value * (1 Re at 2008 value / 0.9 Re at 2010 value)

D. 100 Rs at 2010 value " 120 Rs at 2008 value * (1 Re at 2010 value / 0.8 Re at 2008 value)

Q 60. The ratio of cost price to the marked price of an article is 4 : 5. If the ratio of the profit percentage on selling the article to the discount allowed on it is 5 : 4, what is the profit percentage?

A. 10%

B. 12%

C. 12.5%

D. 15%

Q 61. Krishna bought some wheat at Rs. 10 per kilogram. He buys 2 kg wheat from a ration shop at the rate of Rs. 8 per kilogram. He mixes the two and sells at Rs. 11 per kilogram. He makes 25% profit. What is the ratio of non-ration to ration wheat?

A. 1:4

B. 1:5

C. 5:1

D. None of the above

Q 62. In a typical bike rally, every bike has to reach a speed of 20 m/min within a minute and it increase its speed by 20 m/min and the sum was 1600 m/min. Four minutes later, a new biker started running in the race. After another two minutes, the biker with the speed of 400 m/min stopped due to injuries and again two new bikers started running in the race. What is the current average speed?

A. 260 m/min

B. 220 m/min

C. 280 m/min

D. 290 m/min

Q 63. A river runs at 4 km/hr. if the time taken by a man to row is boat upstream is 3 as the time taken by him to row it downstream then find the speed of the boat in still water.

A. 16 km/hr

B. 8km/hr

C. 6km/hr

D. 28km/hr

Q 64. A, B, C are running in the same direction around a circular track. The track is marked with numbers from 1 to 12, like the dial of a clock. The 12 numbers are uniformly spaced along the track. A overtakes B once at 5 and then the next time again at 9. A overtakes C once at 2 and then the next time again at 4. What is the ratio of B's speed to C's speed?

A. 7:4

B. 2:1

C. 3:2

D. 5:4

Q 65. Manu working alone on a job takes 12 days more than what he would have taken if Bhanu had worked along with him while Bhanu working alone on the same job takes 27 days more than what he would have taken if Manu had worked along with him. Find the time that both of them working together would take to do the job.

A. 10

B. 12

C. 16

D. 18

Q 66. Ram and Shyam are quizmasters. The time taken by Ram and make a question is double of that taken by Shyam. If Ram made 3/2 questions less each minute and Shyam made 3 questions less each minute, to make x questions, the time taken by Shyam would be 2y minutes less than that taken by Ram. If Shyam takes y minutes to make x questions, find the number of questions that Shyam can make in a minute?

A. 12

B. 9

C. 8

D. 6

Q 67. Radha bought a watch for Rs. 144 and got a percentage of profit equal to the cost price of the watch. What is the cost price of the watch?

A. Rs. 72

B. Rs. 78

C. Rs. 80

D. Rs. 90

Q 68. The price of raw materials has gone up by 15%, labour cost has also increased from 25% of the cost of raw material to 30% of the cost of raw material. By how much percentage should there be a reduction in the usage of raw materials so as to keep the cost same

A. 17%

B. 24%

C. 28%

D. 25%

Q 69. Rani's weight is 25% of Meena's weight and 40% of Tara's weight. What percentage of Tara's weight is Meena's weight?

A. 10%

B. 100%

C. 150%

D. 160%

Q 70. Three years ago a friend offered me a used typewriter for Rs. 1024. A year later he offered me the same for Rs. 640 and last year he wanted Rs. 400 and now he is willing to sell it to me for Rs. 250. But I have decided to buy it when he reduces the price next time, If he is constantly reducing its price, at what price will he offer the typewriter to me next?

A. Rs.150.45

B. Rs. 156.25

C. Rs. 211.25

D. Rs. 206.75

Q 71. A number is divisible by both 3 and 5, but when it is divided by 8 it gives a remainder 3. The number is:

A. 45

B. 60

C. 75

D. 90

Q 72. Given a quadratic equation, ax2+bx+c=0
If the ratio of the sum of the roots and the product of roots is 2:7, what can be possible values of b and c?

A. b=2,c=7

B. b=7,c=2

C. b=-2,c=-7

D. b=-2,c=7

Q 73. A sum of money becomes 2.5 times itself at 12.5% simple interest p.a. The period of investment is:

A. 6 years

B. 8 years

C. 12 years

D. 20 years

Q 74. The mean of 100 items was found to be 30. If at the time of calculation two items were wrongly taken as 32 and 12 instead of 23 and 11.What is the correct mean?

A. 29.9

B. 30.5

C. 34.9

D. None of these

Q 75. 200 pepsi bottles are stacked in such a way that there are 20 bottles in the bottom, 19 in the next row, 18 in the row next and so on. In how many rows will 200 pepsi bottles be placed?

A. 25 rows

B. 16 rows

C. 10 rows

D. 5 rows

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