Placement Papers - Calsoft

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Jaya Ram
Hello Friends

I attended calsoft written test on 8th October 2006. The pattern is Analytical section, Technical section and Descriptive part.

Technical section covers C, Networks and OS. There were two or three questions from OS and also one question from Linux like what is who command used for? There was one question from 8085 microprocessor regarding lhld command. Remember we have negative marking. I attended only technical part and jus 3 questions from Analytical part.

C questions are easy jus learn let us C and main concepts u ll find it easy.

Networking part - most of the questions are from network protocols like rarp, arp, icmp, igmp, tcp, http and about routers, bridges etc. They also asked about ipversion4 addressing. learn from ferozon about addressing and classes like class a,b,c,d,e and abt multicasting, broadcasting, unicasting.

The descriptive part also covers a program from C and network.
the program i got was to find a series using recursion.
they askd abt 7 layers in OSI and
what would u prefer for multimedia, tcp or udp. explain y?
they asked to explain abt ttl (time to limit)in ipv4.
difference between tree and a binary tree.
difference between struct{.....}; and typedef struct{ };
thats all i remember.

After written test they calld me for Technical interview, it was about C, networking and my project. Be confident about ur project and explain clearly.