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CALSOFT Placement Paper Pattern
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PAPER : CALSOFT Placement Paper Pattern
 I have attended my written test in calsoft. In the call letter they said that its a 2 hr test. but the questions are really tough. I got "BBB" Q paper.
In that 16 from DBMS,5 from Data structures,9 from Networking , 20 programming questions in c&c++ and 50 Aptitude ques.
More over 2 programs we should write,one is pseudo code and other one is C prog, Seperate Sheets will be given.

These are not exact questions. these are just i remember. I think it will be useful..
In DBMS most of the questions from SQL syntax
Data structure questions are simple like
1. what is the sorting algorithm with less time.
2.Which one is efficient? Bubble search or Sequential Search.
other three are about queues..
Networking questions are about the basic concepts like
what is the network layer protocol?
what is the length of IP address nowadays?
what device used to covert analog to digital and viceversa?
more questions about routers..
The programming questions are really brain hungry but if u have practice and wellverse in commands . it will be easy job..
More questions are about error detection..( program errors)
The aptitude question are really tough..
Time was not sufficient..
have practice in Numbers, Ages, Frations and basic mathematical formulae..

The programs i got are
1.Pseudo code for inserting a node into a list.
2.C prog for converting numbers into long words.
That is if 10201 then the out put should be like
" ten thousand two hundred and one"
without using any sprintf or any special commands. only printf is allowed