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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - 14 and 15 Sep 2015.
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CTS came to CV RAMAN College of engineering bhubaneswar on 14 and 15 sep 2015.

The test was conducted by Meritrac. There were 2 sections verbal and reasoning.

The verbal section consisted of questions like reading comprehension, para jumbles, choose the correct and incorrect sentence etc.

Verbal was very easy and you can practice from indiabix and Rs agarwal. It consisted of directions, picture reasoning and data interpretation etc.

Out of 660 students 350 cleared the written test.

Then came the tech interview on the second day ie 15 sep.

AS I belong to cse branch questions from java, data structures, C, C++, software engineering, os latest technology like cloud etc were asked.

We were also asked about our project and seminars.

Practice all basic programs like palindrome, factorial, Fibonacci etc.

For non cs it people they were given simple programs and asked more about their domain. Guys keep your basics clear. They look for approach and the logic.

Nearly 150 students cleared the technical interview and I was one of them.

Then came the HR interview.

Here very basic question on strengths, weakness, projects, why should I hire you?

Why cognizant? were asked. It was easy but prepare well.

On 27 the result were declared and I was on the selected list with 141 others.

Hope this helps you.

Best of luck guys.