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Hi Friends

I gave my test on 10-06-07. I was not selected but I hope this paper will help you in some way. 

Selection Process consists of Written Test (objective) followed by an interview.

The paper is different for both computer science and electronics and communication. Both have their respective technical questions.

Written Test for ECE students. This year the paper consisted of 100 questions.
It had questions on following topics:
Communication engineering
  * 10-18 ques.
  * PCM, AM, FSK, DPSK... NUMERICALS & Objective q
  * Autocorrelaton
  * OFC (5-10q)

Digital Electronics
  * AROUND 10 q
  * How many half adder and or gates required for 4 bit adder.
  * Boolean equations
  * Totem pole output

Analog electronics
  * 20-30 ques
  * Transistors, electron hole concentration... etc
  * Numerical based on base current n all

Microwave Engineering
  * 10 q
  * one was like wave guide acts as? A high pass filter(ans)
  * Range of radar one numerical.

One or two ques from networking and one was from C it was based on binary and linear search. One or two questions were also based upon logical ability like set theory (simple one).

I remember this much only. I would suggest the toppers from the ECE branch from their respective colleges And students preparing for GATE must apply even if they have the JOB, you people will definitely clear the exam.

Avinash Verma