Placement Papers - C-DOT

Centre for Development Of Telematics
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Bolla Gangadhar
You have 2 parts.

1/2 Hr to APPS (frm ages, numbers(agarwal 1 ch), time & work, puzzle {verbal and non verbal reasoning-agarwal 5th ch I tnk so-----nearly 20 q frm tis part})
totally 80q-try to ans 30q min, max 40q

1 1/2 For TECH
C>>>>>>>>>(30q---pointer 10,struct 5,command line arg 2,loops 10,simple errors 3q like int as int---take care)

C++>>>>>>>(30q---nearly 20q atr theoritical objective, 5q->operatot overloading,
5q-> virtual class concept->->->prepare OOPS concepts care fully)

UNIX>>>>>>>(15 q complex commands)

PERL>>>>>>>(5q very very simple)