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BSNL Placement Paper (Set-2)

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BSNL Placement Paper Pattern (Set-2)

1.Match the column A (Devices) with column B (Characteristics) and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the column -
Column A                                              Column B
A) BJT                                                   1. Voltage controlled negative resistance
B) MOSFET                                          2. High current gain
C) Tunnel diode                                   3. Voltage regulation
D) Zener diode                                     4. High input impedance
Codes :
        A             B             C             D
a)             1              4              2              3
b)             2              4              1              3
c)             2              3              1              4
d)             1              3              2              4 ?

2.A thyristor during forward blocking state is associated with.-
a) large current , low voltage.
b) low current , large voltage.
c) medium current , large voltage
d) low current, medium voltage. ?

?3.In controlled rectifiers, the nature of load current i.e. whether load current is continuous or discontinuous -
a) does not depend on type of  load and firing angle delay
b) depends both on the type of  load and firing angle delay
c) depends only on the type of  load)
d) depends only on the firing angle delay. ?

4.A single phase voltage controller feeds power to a resistance of 10 W .  The source voltage is 200 V rms. For a firing angle of 900 , the rms value of thyristor current in amperes is -
a) 20
b) 15
c) 10
d) 5

?5.In the performance of single phase and three phase full converters the effect of source inductance is to
a) reduce the ripples in the load current -
b) make discontinuous current as continuous
c) reduce the output voltage
d) increase the load voltage.

6.The cycloconverters (CCs) require natural or forced commutation as under -
a) natural commutation in both step up and step down CCs
b) forced commutation in both step up and step down CCs
c) forced commutation in step up CCs
d) forced commutation in step down CCs

?7.Power transistors are more commonly of -
a) silicon npn type.
b) silicon pnp type.
c) silicon nnp type.
d) silicon npp type.

8.C is a -
a) Middle level language
b) High level language
c) Low level language
d) None of above

9.What will be output of program
main ( )
{ int i ;
print f ("Enter value of i");
scant ("%d", & i);
if ( i = 5 )
print f ("you entered 5");
print f ("you entered %d", i ); }
if user entered 100 then
a) 5
b) 100
c) 1005
d) None ?

10.(7F)16 + (BA)16 = (?)16-
a) 481
b) 139
c) ?481 d) ?139 ?
11.Two?s complement of 3 bit nonzero linory number is some or original number is all bits accepts- a) MSB are zeros
b) LSB are zeros
c) MSB are ones
d) LSB are ones. ?

12.Transistors with high frequency have -
a)  Thick base
b) Thin base
c)  Some other feature
d) None of the above

13.Telephone traffic is specified in terms of -
a)  Average waiting time
b) Grade of service
c)  Peak waiting time
d) Erlangs?

14.In a Hartley oscillator -
a)  Necessary phase relation is obtained by connecting grid and plate electrodes to the opposite ends of the tuned circuit.
b) The mutual inductance must have the appropriate polarity.
c)  Both grid circuit and plate tuned circuit offer inductive reactance
d) None of the above?

15.The condenser C is charged in a bootstrap sweep generator -
a)  Linearly but the discharge is non linear
b) Non linearly but the discharge is linear
c)  Linearly and the discharge is linear
d) Non linearly and the discharge is non linear

16.In an audio amplifier audio signals become garbled and hence difficult to understand when an ac input current is large enough to drive the output to -
a)  saturation only
b) Cut off only
c)  Either saturation or cut off
d) A value off the load line?
17.Five 1 bit registers are referred as -
a) Flags
b) Slags
c) Tags
d) None of the above ?
18.Next binary number after 0,1, 10, 11 is -
a) 12
b) 101
c) 100
d) 110 ?
?19.If an inverter is placed at the input to an SR flip flop, the result is -
a) T flip flop
b) D flip flop
c) JK flip flop
d) BCD decade counter ?

20.See the Root locus diagram of a system and the following statements :-

1. The open loop system is a second order system.
2. The system is over damped for
3. The system is absolutely stable for all value of R.
?Which of these statements are correct?
a) 1, 2, & 3
b) 1 and 3
c) 2 and 3
d) 1 and 2 ?

21.For the transfer function G(S)H(S) =     ?the phase cross over frequency is -
a) 0.5 rad/sec
b) 0.707 rad/sec
c) 1.732 rad/sec
d) 2 rad/sec ?

22.If the open loop transfer function of the system is  G(S) H(S) =
then a closed loop pole will be located at S = -12 wher the value of K is -
a) 4355
b) 5760
c) 9600
d) 9862 ?

Considering the following open loop transfer function -

23.The correct sequence of these systems in increasing order of the time taken for the unit step response to settle is ?a) 1, 2, 3 b) 3, 1, 2
c) 2, 3, 1
d) 3, 2, 1. ?

24.Considering unit feed back control system in the given figure, the ratio of time constant of closed loop response to open loop response will be -

a) 1: 1
b) 2 :1
c) 3 : 2
d) 2 : 3

25.Angle subtended by earth at geostationary communication satellite is -
a) 17.340
b) 51.40
c) 1200
d) 600 ?

26.For data transmission phase modulation is commonly used because -
a) Phase can be varied from +1800 to -1800
b) It is resistant to the effects of noise.
c) Demodulation is very easy
d) It gives highest data rates that can be transmitted over a given channel.?

?27.Several channels are interleaved and then transmitted together is known as ?  a) Frequency division multiplex
b) Time division multiplex
c) A group
d) A super group
28.Identify the wrong statement-
?The radar cross section of  a target -
a) Depends on the frequency used
b) May be reduced by special coating of the target
c) Depends on the aspect of a target, if this is non spherical
d) Is equal to the actual cross-sectional area for small targets.
29.Considering following parameters -
1. Loss in the media) 2. Permeability of the media) 3. Frequency of the wave 4. Velocity of the wave. Which of these parameters are responsible for the change of phase of a propagating electromagnetic wave?
a) 1, 2, and 3
b) 2, 3 and 4
c) 1, 3 and 4
d) 1 and 4 ?

?30.In super heterodyne receivers double spotting is caused by -
a) poor front-end rejection
b) misalignment of receiver
c) detuning of one or more IF stages.
d) non functioning of AGC ?

31.The number of lines per field in the United States TV system is -
a) 262 1/2
b) 525
c) 30
d) 60 ?

32.In a TV receiver the color killer -
a) cuts off  the chroma stages during monochrome receivers.
b) ensures that no color is transmitted to monochrome receivers
c) prevents color overloading
d) makes sure that the color burst is not mistaken for sync pulses, by cutting off reception during the back porch. ?

33.The nominal capacitance of a coaxial RF cable is of 40 pF/m and the characteristic impedance of 50W. The inductance of the cable is-
a) 1mH/m
b) 10 mH/m
c) 0.1 mH/m
d) 0.01 mH/m ?

34.Transmission of wave through Dominant mode is -
a) distortion less transmission
b) generates undesirable harmonic distortion
c) having loss of power
d) None of above. ?

35.Lower the standing wave ratio (SWR) -
a) Greater mismatch error
b) Lower mismatch error
c) No effect on matching
d) Moderate mismatch error ?

36.In klyrtron oscillator for getting wide range of oscillations resonators should be -
a) Critically coupled
b) Under coupled
c) Over coupled
d) No coupling required

37.The critical frequency is always -
a) Lower than maximum usable frequency
b) Equal to maximum usable frequency
c) Higher than maximum usable frequency
d) None of above?

38.e PIN diode based on -
a) Nonlinear resistance
b) Nonlinear reactance
c) Negative resistance
d) Controllable impedence ?

39.Which antenna having circular polarization -
a) Horn antenna
b) Lens antenna
c) Helical antenna
d) Discone antenna  ?? ?

40.The i/p S/N ratio of system is 50 and the o/p S/N ratio is 5 the noise figure is -
a) 250
b) 55
c) 10
d) 45 ?

41.In the 8085 mP, the RST 6 instruction transfers the program execution to the following location -
a) 30 H
b) 24 H
c) 48 H
d) 60 H ?

42.In instruction cycle  first operation is -
a)  Memory read
b) Address read
c)  Opcode fetch
d) Data read ?

43.CMP instruction comes under group -
a)  Data transfer
b) Branching operations
c)  Machine control operation
d) Logical operations. ?

44.In which logic operation does not effect any flags -
a)  ANA  B
b) ORA   B
c)  XRI    A2H
d) CMA ?

45.What happen when CALL instruction executed -
a)  Data retrieved from stock to register
b) Data from register saved on the stock.
c)??16 bit address of instruction saved on stock
d) 16 bit address from stock retrieved) ?

46.he mark status of mark able interrupts is defined according to content of -
a)  stack pointer.
b) HL register .
c)  Program counter
d) Accumulator ?

47.The decoder is a logic ckt  that -
a)  Amplifies the current or power at i/p.
b) Identifies each combination of the signals present at i/p
c)? Provides appropriate code as o/p for each i/p signal
d) Both b & c) ?

48.The young man was quickly promoted when his employers how --------------- he was -
a) indigent
b) indifferent
c) assiduous
d) cursory. ?

49.As letter is alphabet so zodiac is -
a) almanac
b) beacon
c) sign
d) signal. ?

50.What is the correct meaning of prudish.?
a) careful
b) fast
c) God
d) brave ?

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