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BSNL GE-JTO Recruitment Examination - Test Paper (Part-2)

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BSNL GE-JTO Recruitment Examination - Test Paper  

  61. The horizontal axis in a 3 bit unipolar D/A converter represents-
  a.) Output bit combination
  b.) analog output voltage
  c.) input bit combination
  d.) none of the above

  62. ?Not allowed? condition in NAND gate SR flip flop is ?
  a.) s = 0, R = 0
  b.) s = 1, R = 1
  c.) s = 0, R = 1
  d.) s = 1, R = 0

  63. Name the fastest logic family-
  a) TTL
  b. RTL
  c.) DCTL
  d.) ECL

  64. Equation corresponding to De Morgan?s theorem in Boolean Algebra is ?
  a.) (A+B) (A+B) = AA + AB + BA + BB
  c.) A + AB = A
  d.) None of the above

  65. In the given fig find radix of the system ?
  a.) 2b.) 4
  c.) 6
  d.) 8

  66. Modems are used for data transmission telephone lines to ?
  a.) increase the transmission capacity
  b) improve noice performance
  c.) incorporate error control coding
  d.) eliminate dc component in the transmitted signal

  67. The figure of a control system is shown. The maximum value of gain K for which the system is stable is-
  b.) 3
  c.) 4
  d.) 5

  68. Identify the example of open-loop system-
  a.) A windscreen wiper
  b.) Aqualung
  c.) Respiratory system of an animal
  d.) A system for controlling Anti-rocket missiles.

  69. Consider the following expressions indicating the step or impulse response of an initially relaxed control system-
  1. (5 ? 4e-2+) u(t)
  2. (e-2t +5) (u(t))
  3 .V(t) + 8e-2t u(t)
  4 . V(t) + 4e-2t 4(t)

  Those which correspond to the step and impulse response of the same system include-
  a.) 1&3
  b.) 1&4
  c.) 2&4
  d.) 1&4

  70. A system is described by
  To test its stability by Lyapunov?s method the following V functions are considered.
  Mark the most suitable V-function in this case-
  a.) Only V1
  b.)Only V2
  c.) Both V1 and V2
  d.) Neither V1 nor v2

  71. Identity the polar plot of a typical type zero system with open loop transfer function

  72. The scattering matrix of a magic ?tee shown in the given figure is-

  73. Which is the following relate to rational transfer function of a system-
  1. Ratio of Fourier transform of output to input with zero initial conditions.
  2. Ratio of Laplace transform of output to input with zero initial conditions.
  3. Laplace transform of system impulse response.
  4. Laplace transform of system unit step response select the correct answer using the codes given below.
  a.) 1 and 4
  b.) 2 and 3
  c.) 1 and 3
  d.) 2 and 4

  74. For the signal g (t) ? 10 cos (50 pt) cos2 (150at)
  The Nyquist sampling state in t seconds is
  a.) 150 samples per second
  b.) 200 samples per second
  c.) 300 samples per second
  d.) 350 samples per second

  75. In the case of a 70 MHz 1F carries for a transponder band width of 36 MHz; energy must lie between ? MHz.
  a.) 34 and 106
  b.) 52. And 88
  c.) 106 and 142
  d.) 34 and 142

  76. Radar used to eliminate clutter in navigational application is ?
  a.) Pulse radar
  b.) Tracking radar
  c.) MTI radar
  d.) Mono pulse radar

  77. The 1.55 mm windows is not yet in use with fiber optic systems because ?
  a.)The attenuation is higher than at 0.85 mm
  b) The attenuation is higher than at 1.3mm
  c.) Suitable laser devices have not yet been developed
  d.) It does not lend itself to wavelength multiplexing

  78. Pre-emphasis in FM systems involves-
  a.) Compression of the modulating signal
  b.) Expansion of the modulating signal
  c.) Amplification of lower frequency components of the modulating signal.
  d.) Amplification of higher frequency components of the modulating signal.

  79. In a terrestrial microwave system transmission of signals is achieved through-
  a.) reflection from the ionosphere
  b.) line of sight mode
  c) reflection from the ground
  d.) diffraction from the stratosphere.

  80. Casse grain feed is used with a parabolic reflector to
  a.) increase the gain of the system
  b). increase the bandwidth of the system
  c.) reduce the size of the main reflector
  d.) allow the feed to be placed at a convenient point.

  81. In most microwave communication link rain drop attenuation is caused due to-
  a.) scattering of microwaves by water drops of specific size.
  b) scattering of microwaves by a collection of droplets acing as a single body.
  c.) absorption of microwaves by water and consequent heating of the liquid
  d.) absorption of the microwaves by water vapor in the atmosphere.

  82. Circuit in the given figure represents. ?
  a.) an astable multivibrator
  b.) A monostable multivibrator
  c.) Voltage controlled oscillator
  d.) Ramp generator

  83. . D = r is-
  a.) Maxwell?s 1st equation
  b.) Maxwell?s II equation
  c.) Maxwell?s III equation
  d.) Maxwell?s IV equation

  84. In a rectangular wave-guide which TM mode exists-
  a.) TM00
  b.) TM01
  c.) Tm10
  d.) TM11

  85. In directional coupler a portion of power two velliry fram port 1) to port 2) is coupled to.
  a). port 4
  b). port 3
  c. port 2.
  d.) port 3 & 4.

  86. For high power i.e. 10 w to 50 kw measurement ?
  a.) Barometer are used
  b.) Thermisters are used
  c.) Calorimetric technique
  d.) Calorimetric watt meter technique used

  87. The difference between TWT & klystron is ?
  a.) In TWT electrons are in contact with RF field for long time & in klystron for short time
  b.) In klystron electrons are in contact with RF field for long time & in TWT for short time
  c.) In klystron there is no contact in RF field & electrons while in TWT there is contact
  d.) In TWT phase is no contact is RF field & electrons while in klystron there is contact

  88. Which one is most suitable for transmission through wave guide-
  a.) Hown antennas
  b.) Bioconical antennas
  c.) helical antenna
  d. Discone

92. What will be status of z and c y flag after execution of SUB A instruction
  a.) z = 0, cy = 0
  b.) z = 0, cy = 1
  c.) z = 1, cy = 0
  d.) z = 1, cy = 1

  93. Microprocessor accept interrupt only if.
  a.) interrupt flip flop disabled.
  b.) when INTA signal is low.
  c. interrupt flip flop enabled.
  d.) none of above.

94. Microprogramming is a technique
  a.) for programming the microprocessor
  b.) for writing small programs efficiently
  c.) for programming the control steps of computer
  d.) for programming o/p / i/p

95. High level programs like C are converted into machine language with the help of
  a.) interpreter
  b.) compiler
  c.) operating
  d.) system

96. (10110011)2 = (?)8
  a.) 253
  b.) 263
  c.) 273
  d.) 283

97. A Not gate at the output of AND gate converts AND gate into-
  a.) NAND
  b.) NOR
  c.) AND
  d.) NOPE.

  98. The O/P of a logic gate is the gate must be-
  a.) AND
  b.) OR
  c.) NAND
  d.) X-OR

  99. 38. A symbol of JK flip flop is-
  100. A demultiplener-
  a.) has multiple i/p and single o/p
  b.) has multiple i/p and multiple o/p
  c.) has multiple i/p and multiple o/p
  d.) has single i/p and single o/p

101. Which of the following best describes the authour`s attitude toward fairy tales ?
  a.) fascination
  b.) open approval.
  c.) Indulgent tolerance.
  d.) Scornful.

102. What type of sentence is this ?
  Hurray! We won the match
  a.) Exclamatory
  b.) assertive
  c.) Negative
  d.) Affirmative

  103. Before which of the following word will you put ?a?
  a.) hour
  b.) M. A.
  c.) Umbrella
  d.) Man

  104. The noun form of ?fresh? is ?
  a.) freshly
  b.) freshen
  c.) fresheners
  d.) fresh itself

  105. The word ?clang? is an example of ?
  a.) Simile
  b.) inversion
  c.) onomatopoeia
  d.) irony

  106. The Forbes magazine acclaimed Azim Premji as richest India?s is the chairman of-
  a.) Pentafour software
  b) Infosys
  c.) IBM
  d.) Wipro

  107. Bharat Ratna award for the year 2001 goes to-
  a.) Lata Mangeshkar and Zakeer Hussain
  b.) Zakeer Hussain and Bismillah Khan
  c.) Bismillah Khan and Lata Mangeshkar
  d.) Lata Mangeshkar and Ustad Amzad Ali Khan

  108. Mr. George W-Bush takes over as ?? President of the united states of America succeeding Mr. Bill Clinton-
  a.) 42nd
  b.) 43rd
  c.) 40th
  d.) 45th

  109. New Chief Minister of Pondicherry is-
  a.) T. Venkat Naidu
  b.) K. Hari Harh
  c.) N. Rengaswany
  d.) M. Mudliar

  110. No court has the jurisdiction to interfere with the election process once set in motion by the Election commission. This is enshrined in Article-
  a.) 311
  b.) 329
  c.) 356
  d.) 365

  111. Ostrich is a-
  a.) Running bird
  b.) Flying bird
  c) Swimming bird
  d.) Migratory bird

  112. The main atmospheric gas responsible for green house is-
  a.) Oxygen
  b.) Nitrogen
  c.) Ozone
  d.) Carbon-dioxide

  113. Which of the following is not a Kharif Crop-
  a.) Rice
  b.) groundnut
  c.) Sugarcane
  d.) gram

  114. The function of World Bank is to-
  a.) Help in reconstruction and development of world economy
  b.) Facilitate poor countries to trade on concessional rates
  c.) Promote growth of international trade and equilibrium in balance of payments
  d.) Ease trade barriers and establish rule of fair trade

  115. Speed of sound is maximum in-
  a. )Water
  b.) Air
  c.) Steel
  d.) Vacuum

  116. ?Long years ago we made a trust with destiny.? Whose words are these-
  a.) Subhash Chandra Bose
  b.) Jawaharlal Nehru
  c.) Lajpat Rai
  d.) Bhagat Singh

  117. Durand cup is associated with-
  a.) Hockey
  b.) Tennis
  c.) Football
  d.) Badminton

  118. Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in the year.
  a.) 1908
  b.) 1910
  c.) 1913
  d.) 1914

  119. India successfully conducted its first underground nuclear experiment at Pokhran in Rajas than on-
  a.) May 18, 1975
  b.) May 20, 1974
  c) May 17, 1974
  d.) May 17, 1974

  120. An emergency loan of $ 500 million to help reconstruct infrastructure in earth quake devastated Gujarat approved by-
  a.) Asian development Bank
  b.) World Bank
  c.) Swiss Bank
  d.) Reserve Bank of India

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