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Blue Star
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Y Krishnakumar
Hi Friends

Blue Star paper has got 2 sections. Firstly u need to clear the aptitude test. It is very easy. Some of the ques are as follows:

1. Complete the series 1 6 3 7 5 8 7 ? 
ans: 9

2. If circle is one octagon is 2 4 6 8 or 1   

3. pick the odd one out bend shave chop whittle shear
ans bend.

4. 2 persons start from a pt. and go in opposite directions. After going 3 km they turn left
and walk 4 km. how far r they now? Ans: 10 km

5. There was a ques on work something like 2 typists type 2 papers in 4 hrs then in how much
time will 5 typists take or something like that

6. There were 2 ques on proverbs u were supposed to tell the meaning. they were easy.

7. A person runs 6 ft in 1/4 sec. how much it will run in 10 sec. ans 240

8. Find odd one cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, elk.

9. In a party man & his wife, and there r 2 son with their wives, and every son has 4 children in his family. how many person r in party.

10. Unsreambled the word P U T E C A S A H (like that) paraschute

11. Add a word in starting of SCAPE and at the end of Grass, u will get two different word
ans:- land grassland landscape      

12. All men of this party are republican. mohan is member of this party. mohan is republican is true or false or camn\'t say?

13. There r 1200 elephant. some have blue and pink strips. some have pink & green strip. 400 ele.
have only pink strip. how many have only blue strip Ans:. 400
b. can\'t determined. c.none

14. Day light Day break Day time

After clearing aptitude there was technical paper. It had 2 sections.

In section A there were 4 subsections out of which 2 were to be attempted. the first subsection was on C and Unix, second on C++, third on vb/asp/com and fourth on rdbms.

In section B general computer awareness.

In section A I did C and C++. Some ques were as follows


1. void main()
extern int a;
1. Give linker error- a not defined ans
2. Print 10
3. Give compiler error

2. int a[10];
will compiler show any error?      
ans no

3. socket() is a
1. system call ans
2. library function
3. both
4. none

In C++ there were conceptual ques on virtualfunctions, operator overloading etc.

In section B some ques were as follows microprocessor over clocking will result in
1. overheating
2. malfunctioning ans(check)
3. life would be half

4. Cache is
1. ROM
2. RAM ans

5. How can pass an array to a fns.     
1. desgin(**a)
2. desgin (*a)
3. dasgien(&a[0]);

6. Unix has pipelining fromatted &
a. high level
b. low "
c. mid level
d. none "

7. Task switching is
1. process switching
4.all of the above ans

8. Thread arev ans .light weight process+(c).......

9. virual fns are defined as ......

10. which is not bus interface
a. pci
b. ide
c. age
d. none

11. switch statement use only 
a. char
b. int
c. both
d. all of the above

12. Multiple inheritence can not be used in a case...............?

13. What is difference b/w simple SQDL & Object oriented SQDL.

14. Virtual Destructor is used.............

15. Question on two pass assembler.............

16. Link list uses
a. countiguos memory allocation
b. non coun. " "
c. both
d. none

17. Non linear structure a. q & stack
ans:- b.tree & graph
c. tree & stack
d. tree & linklist

18. E ncryption is
ans a. change readable code to cipher text

19. Sizeof () operator is used for
a. data type
b. data type & veriable
ans c. both
d. none

20. deadlock condition
ans. no process knows exactly that both are waiting for each other.

21. static
ans:- it\'s initial value is one --- not true

22. new can be overloaded ------ true

23. virtual function------- ans a and c means no code and forceful inheritance

24. for(;;)
ans:- infinite loop

Only three UNIX questions were there

1. socket() is a answer: a) system call

2. two types of pipeline in unix one is formatted and other one is highlevel middle level
lowlevel none (i don\'t answer for this question pls check it out) RDBMS
1. CAN foreign key have null values??
answer: YES

2 In RDBMS sorting is performed in