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1st Round - GD - Topics
1. What should India do to improve its winning chances against Australia in forthcoming tour.
2. America\'s War on Iraq.
3. Freedom of Press.
4. Latest developments on India-Pakistan peace process.
5. Effect of TV on society.
Each group was given two topics and they had to discuss 5 minutes on each topic.

2nd Round - Written Test - 47 questions in 1 hour. All were technical. No negative marking.

3rd Round - Personal Interview.

All three round were shortlisting rounds.


Montreal protocol limits the use of _______ ? ans. Ozone depleting substance

Rain drop is spherical due to ________ ? ans. Surface tension

Global warming is due to _______ ? ans. Carbon-di-oxide

One ton of refrigeration is equal to_______ ? ans. 12000 btu/hr

For a laminar flow Reynolds flow should be ______ ? ans. Less than 2000

In latent heating a substance _________ ? ans. Changes phase without increase in temperature

Degree of saturation is ratio of _______ ?

A pipe friction test shows that, over the range of speeds used for the test, the non-dimensional friction factor f, varies inversely with Reynolds No. It can be inferred from above that, ans. Pipe should be smooth.

In a rough turbulent flow in a pipe, the friction factor would depend upon? Ans. Pipe diameter and pipe condition.

What is the refrigerant used in vapour absorption cycle?

Pick the odd one out. F12, F22, F11, CO

Expansion in a vapour compression cycle is an_______ ? ans. Isenthalpic process

What is the work of throttling process? Ans. Expansion

What is the material of heat exchanger tubes? Ans. Copper

Tachometer is used to measure _________ ? ans. Speed

Mercury is used in manometer because ________ ?

Check valves are used to ensure ________ ? ans. Unidirectional flow

Anti-freeze agent used is _________? Ans. Ethylene glycol

Anemometer can be used to measure _________ ?

Bypass factor of a cooling coil is _________?

Aspect ratio of a rectangular duct is the ratio between its _______ ?

The temp that is numerically the same in Fahrenheit & centigrade scales is ________ ?

The loudness of sound depends upon its ________ ?

Dewpoint is the temperature at which water vapor will undergo ________ ? ans. Condensation

One question using the formula 120fs/p

In inductance _______ leads _______ ?

Power factor is least in ______ ? a. capacitance b. resistance c. inductance

Barometer is used to measure _______ ?

Identify the odd one out a. DIN b. ISI c. JIS d. IIT

If the NPSH requirements of a pump are not satisfied it will _______ ?

Approach of a cooling tower is the difference between temperatures of ________ ?

A parallel flow heat exchanger will perform better than a counter flow heat exchanger. State whether this is true or false

The index that normally reflects laminar flow in a tube is ______ ? ans. Reynolds no.

Pressure drop in air duct is influenced by __________ ? ans. shape of the duct

By increasing the intake air temp, efficiency of IC engine will _______ ? ans. decrease

Interview questions

Person 1
Tell about urself (Background specifically)
What do u know about Blue Star?
What are its products?
What is the type of air conditioner used in this interview room?
We are going to appoint u as a sales executive for a product which is newly produced by bluestar. But that product is being produced by its competitors. How will u promote the product?
How will u show difference from ur competitors?
Why haven\'t u continued ur painting art works? (The person had said I used to do paintings once)
Why did u choose mechanical engineering when coimbatore is famous for textiles?
What is ur aim in life?
How will u achieve that?

Person 2
Tell about urself.
Why did u choose Blue Star?
Tell about ur family.
Whether u are payment or free seat?
What is ur fee structure?
How will u satisfy ur customers?
U are talking a lot. But do u know whether u are listening to u or not? How?
How do u say that u have management skills?
What do u do other than studies?
You are supposed to sell a product in a place which is very new to you. (u don\'t know that language). There are no dealers also. How will u sell the product?
What is ur ambition?
What is ur weakness?