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BIRLASOFT Interview Experience - GREATER NOIDA, November 10, 2014
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Hi All, I attended birlasoft recruitment drive. Cocubes were the medium.

2 days before we had written test and only those students were allowed to attend the process who have done training either in java or .Net or both.

Round1: Online test conducted by Cocubes which consists of four sections:

Quantitative aptitude.
Logical Reasoning.
Computer Fundamentals.

Round2: It was Online "Coding" round. We were supposed to write logics for those programs.

Round3: It was supposed to be GD round, but the students were so less then the team cancelled this round and the Final round took place, that was Interview (Technical cum HR).

In my panel it was maximum HR.

Me: May I come in Sir?
Sir: Yes.
(I keep standing).

Sir: Please be seated. Now, Please tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

Sir: Tell me about your project?
Me: Told.

My project was based on fuzzy logics. Then he kept asking about that technology.

Sir: How fuzzy logic is been implemented in washing machines? and what\'s its use?
Me: Told with the help of diagrams.

Sir: Tell me your favourite subjects?
(He then asked from the subjects I told him).

Sir: Do you know anything about the company and an industry works?
Me: Told.

Sir: Do you have any problem if we relocate you in chennai?
Me: I said No. (Always say that you are willing to relocate anywhere. Even if you are not). I said it.

Would give me an opportunity to meet different people and learn new from them.

Sir: Thank you! I\'m done with you. Do you have any questions for me. ?
Me: Asked.

After two days result were out. I was selected.

I had given more than 30 interviews. Finally I got this.

I thanks Cocubes and Indiabix.