Placement Papers - BirlaSoft

Birlasoft - Coimbatore, January 25 and 26, 2011
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Madesh Kanakaraj
Hi Every one,

My Placement was conduted on Kovai, CIET.

1. Aptitude
2. Technical
3. HR.


3 sections: 1. Logical res 2. Arithmetic res 3. C, C++, DBMS, DS, OS.
I cleared Aptitude test on 25th and waiting for Technical Interview.

Technical Interview:

They ask something related to Networks, OS, DBMS(join types, Normalization concepts, Types of Keys), some java questions. Better have a knowledge with concepts.
I cleared 2nd round and waiting for HR with Excitement.


1. Tell abt yourself?
2. Wt s ur Strength n weakness?
3. R u willing to work in any branches of Birlasoft?
4. why should i Hire you?
5. why Birlasoft?
6.your long term Goal?
7. How much salary expect?
8. Finally Tell your final year project?

I answered all questions and waiting for results,.
Finally 130 selected out of 270 HR. I\'m the one among. Very Happy.

Frndz while Attending Tech n HR interview, either you know answer or not, It\'s not matter, only your Boldness can speak in front of them.

They notice only your Boldness and way of Expression.

Be confident while answering every Unknown questions(All questions are unknown only that time).

Keep little smile every moment of your face. All the best!