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Sam saravanan
Hi Friends

I am Pankaj Tiwari got selected on 18th July 2007 from TRUBA.I.E.I.T, Bhopal. It was the big day for me. We were called at 8:30 a.m and around 500 students were present till 9:30. the procedure started around 10 a.m.

1. Written
we have got 60 min. to solve the 50 ques. It was the objective paper but still tricky !!!!! it has technical (i.e Java, C++, conversions, DBMS etc ), then aptitude (percentage, age, probability, etc) this was my strong part and also Verbal English.

The written was bit tough for non-IT students. The result was declared @ 2 p.m and only 80 students were selected. I will advise to attempt apti. and verbal first. As we heard the cut-off was around 30 out of 50. I was happy to be in that 80. then we were called for the next hurdle

the group of 10 were made and were divided in three panels...
the topic were some common and some abstact like...
love marriage and arrange marriage
future of IT in india
i have got "never say truth" i had a nice performance .. always try to initiate and be good listener too. I was very confident about GD and i was right i got through. they selected 29 of 80.

It was the tech. cum HR. they asked me "tell something about u" when i entered the room. I am from EC so they asked about transistors, logic gates, oscillators, resisters, capacitors properties etc. HR ques. were y birlasoft, y IT, my background etc then they ask me to clear if i have any query..etc.

I think the best way to get through it is to have confidence and good communication skills* it was the tough competition but i was lucky it was my day, i got selected .