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1. Euler’s load for columns (end conditions)

2. Relation b/w longitudinal stress nd Hoops stress (thin cylindrical shell)

3. First atomic power plant in India?

4. Drawing paper sizes: A0,A1,A2,A3,A4

5. In an electrolytic soln conduction takes place by.....

6. Problem in natural nd induced frequency....

7. Stud diameter for Boilers in Thermal Power plant....

8. Kinematic pair....

9. Rake angle...

10. Double bucket is used in which turbine....

11. If original size of a drawing was reduced to half, what is the scale size....

12. TIG welding process is used for which Metal....

13. Laser is produced from which of the following... (ruby, diamond, titanium, gold)

14. 8085 microprocessor is what bit....(4,8,16,32)

15. Problem in friction....

16. In shafts operating at very high temp what s the lubricant used....

17. For mass production which of the following process is preferable.. (process, product, line)

18. Dynamometer s used to measure...

19. In casting, the content of the facing sand used is...

20. Boundary layer property...

21. Formula for two springs in series....

22. Nu=f(Pr,Gr)

23. First law of thermodynamics... (Q=W+dE)

24. Transistors-(CE,CB) qns2

25. npn diodes.. dopin(2qns)

26. Power Factor(2 problems)

27. 1 qn from IC chip

28. Which s the universal gate among the following (AND, OR, NAND, Ex-OR)

29. Semiconductor Material among following... (germanium, gold, copper, silica)

30. Current, 2 resistance in series... find voltage...

31. In car battery Voltage used was...

32. Material used for making high speed bearings...

60 questions from mechanical and other 60 questions from electrical nd electronics. Generally there will not be too many question from electrical&electronics in previous year qn papers, this one s exception. Concentrate in Theory of M/C, Thermodynamics, Prodn, FM, Strength of Matl, Materials and Metallurgy, Eng Mech..

Section-2 (Quants & Reasoning-85, English-35, Total-120)

1. Problems in Geometry and Mensuration(10-15qns)

2. SI, CI and Shares (3qns)

3. Time Distance (2qns)

4. Ratio and Proportion (4qns)

5. Venn diag (1+1+2Qns)

6. Mixtures and Alligations (2qns)

7. Clock and Calendar (2qns)

8. Time cistern and Work (3qnsP)

9. Time and Distance (2qns)

10. Arithmetic Calc-square roots, cubes, etc (2qns)

11. Age (1qn)

12. Coding and Decoding

13. Analogy, direction, Blood Relations 

14. GMAT model qns-(25 qns)
   Col-A   Col-B
   5X8    6X7
a) col A > col B (b) col A < col B (c) col A= col B (d) no Relation (e) Answer not in option

15. Comprehension Reading-1 (5qns)

16. Antonyms& Synonyms (5+5)

17. Spelling Mistake (5qns)

18. Sentence correction (5qns)

19. Jumbled Paragraph formation (5qns)

20. Fill in the Blanks (5qns)

For reasoning Verbal and Non verbal reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal is more than sufficient. For aptitude R. S Aggarwal is not sufficient. Learn more easy solving methods, Shortcuts-Refer TIME material.
Time is the main constraint-2.5hrs (240qns)... Multiple choice (5 options).. 1/5 negative mark.. Concentrate more on section-2..