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Bharat Electronics Ltd.
BEL Interview Experience - Mumbai, july 6, 2014
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Hii all, I attended BEL probationary engineers exam for stream of mechanical engineering.

Question paper consists of 2 sections,

1. Aptitude section : 30 Q.
2. Technical section : 120 Q.

+1 M correct, -0.25 M wrong.

I felt aptitude a bit tougher as its level is more than technical. Almost all topics of aptitude are covered in 30 questions. There was a data interpretation passage, blood relations passage, grammars bits, profit &loss ques, streams, work done. Etc as far as I remember. Tougher and tricky questions practice helps in solving those.

Time management is most important as you have to solve 150 question in 2hrs 30 min.

Technical section is simple with basic questions. Practice of previous ies papers helps a lot. Definitions, units, simple calculation problems, topics of ic engines, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, production, are mostly present. With strong basics and intense practice with time bounds will definitely help to crack the exam.

All the best !