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Bharat Electronics Ltd.
BEL - Banglore,1st July 2012
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G. Vasanth kumar
Hi friends, this is vasanth from JNTUCEP. I am from CSE.

I\'ve attended BEL(GEN) written test on 1st July 2012 in Banglore T.JOhn institute of technology.

BEL posts(2012) for cse - 50
No of applicants - So high in my centre around 2,600 people have appeared. you can estimate competition.

Exam started at 2:30PM to 5:00

150 Q 150 Marks negative 0.25 for each wrong answer.


Before applying BEL you should assure yourself i.e:
i) If you had prepared well for GATE, you can crack easily.
ii)Otherwise you should prepare in the pattern of as it is GATE (atleast 2 months).
iii)Else go and write exam without preparation.
iv)If you started preparation based on previous BEL papers you should become fool.

If you are average student you feel some Q easy and some tough, in that situation u should maintain time factor exactly and u should try to solve max all Q , no need to fear about negative guess some no problem.

If you are a gate ranker , question will appear u as in gate syllabus u feel easily, 1st slove aptitude with time consumption but u should solve all 30 Q technical are so easy for u no problem of time consumption in Technical.

Every one should put atleast 130 answers otherwise, writing of exam is waste.

1-4 two paragraphs related to cse, 4 questions
5-6 correction of sentences
6-8 prepositions
data interpretation problems are 8 Q given in the form of tables.

reasoning Q s are remaining.
21,22 quantitative aptitude.
23 -27 problem on sitting around circle problem, tough given 8 people around circle so tough
28-30 simple problem on set theory
->a class consist of 150 students. 70 students passed in history, 80 students passed in maths. 40 passed in both h and m.

28) how many passed only in history?
29) how many passed only in maths?
30) how many students are not passed in either of H and M?

Before preparing technical u should mug bits in GATE paper only one paper not all previous papers. i.e if u r attempting BEL-2013 u should know the answers of GATE-2013 for all questions. atleast 5 to 7 questions without changing numericals will given.

120 Q divided as
5 to 10 questions from each subjects. Like
2)data structures
5)Therory of computation
8)OS and CA
9)Engineering Maths

problems on outputs.

2) DS
Which is best form of representation in Q
a)linked list b)circular linked list c) double linked list d)none
if there are no elements in Queue but we are accessing for elements, then arising situation is..............
a)under flow b)overflow c)none
time complexity of merging two lists with each two elements?
time complexity of quicksort in worst case?
no of comparison in bubles sort?
no of avl rotations
BST inserting question given 6 element 83 should insert on following elements left or right?

3)SQL(10 Q) have better preparation
cascade rule
one to many finding problem
T statments:
a)primary key can have null
b)foreign key can have null

4)XML (4-5) just basics
correct form declaration of XML statement
a)<?xml version="1.0"?> b)........ c).......... d)..........
what is the use of DTD?

5)Theory of computation
follow GATE syllabus
which of the following is ambiguous grammar?
given string generation statements, which of following is not generated by string >>>>?


pos 2 questions
string minimization based on k map 3q
logic diagram out put 1 q
which of following is excess 3 code of 843?
a)843 b)846 c)849 d)none
which following is correct?
a)1xor1=1 b)1xor0=1 c)1xor1xor1=0 d)none

what is thrashing?
page fault q fifo?
2 q from disk scheduling easy scoring? practise first two scheduling examples only?
u have to calculate time?
no q given on deadlocks bad luck for me, u prepare well if given most 4 -6 qs only on deadlocks.
question on finding no set bits in 8-way set associative mapping given 32k block size and ..?

9) Maths(15 questions fixed)
gate syllabus
newton raphson method 2Q
linear differential eq
2q on integration basics i.e: given ration of two intergrals easy
q on integration on exponential function easy
q on probability.
inequality problem: log(1+x)<=x given satisfying range?
complete gate syllabus efficiently.

U must crack BEL written. all d best. :)