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Atos Syntel Interview Experience - RAJAHMUNDRY, 22-02-2019
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Bharath kumar
Hello All, I am Bharath Kumar presently Pursuing B-Tech with Computer science and Engineering Stream. Here I will explain about my interview experience of Atos Sytel (Former Sytel corporation) which was held in our campus on the 22nd and 23rd February 2019. Actually, it is an off-campus drive which was held on our own campus.

The Syntel Recruitment process will have 5 Rounds.

1. Written Test.
2. Technical Test.
3. Hackathon.
4. Technical Interview.
5. HR Interview.

The total Recruitment process had been done in two days. The first two rounds (i.e., written and technical test) had been completed in the first day and remaining rounds had been completed in the second day.

1. Written Test is consists of 3 sections namely Aptitude, Verbal and Logical Reasoning. Each section would have 30 questions and we should answer them in 20 minutes. The overall Exam is Moderate to Difficult. Difficult in the sense, We would have less time (i.e., we should answer 1 question in 40 sec approx). And there is no negative marking, So, I advise you to answer all the questions. We will have the basic questions and we should solve them as soon as possible.

The results were out in 15 minutes And this is an elimination round. Only shortlisted students had taken the next test. I am one of them.

2. Technical Test consists of basic programming in C, Java and data structures and javascript and HTML. The test contains 20 questions to be answered in 25 minutes. The test was an easy and basic level and it is not an elimination round. But this test has weightage on the overall performance of the candidate.

3. Hackathon will be like group discussion but we should discuss to solve a problem that is assigned for our group (each group contains 5 members). We should draw the flow chart for the solution to that problem. In this round, they check our involvement in the discussion and later they will call for the technical round. This is not an elimination round.

4. Technical round basically having the questions like introduce yourself and the questions from your resume. So be careful about the resume preparation and Be frank to the TR. They asked me about the basic concepts in Java, SQL and so on. So Be confident and don\'t be tense And I am selected for the HR.

5. HR round has basic questions like strengths, weakness, and questions about the family, introduce yourself, what do you know about the company, shifts, relocation etc.,

They told us that the results were announced in the next two weeks. And exactly after two weeks from the interview date, Fortunately, I have received the letter of intent from Atos Syntel.

Share this interview experience to the people who need. I think this will help who were attending to the Atos Syntel Recruitment Process further. Thank you. All The Best.