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Atos Origin
Atos Interview Experience - Shah and Anchor Engineering College, Govandi(E)
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Vivek Suhanda
Hi, I am Vivek Suhanda from Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology. We had mass recruitment round I for Atos in Shah and Anchor College on 18 December 2015.
Technical Round Questions:

(1) You are from EXTC why you want to join IT?

(2) Tell me something about your projects?

(3) Which language are you more comfortable C or Java? Because in my resume I had written two programming languages C and Java.

(4) Do you know about Database Management System?

(5) What are the datatypes in Java?

(6) What do you mean by exception handling in Java?

(7) State the difference between final, finally and finalize in Java?

(8) What is polymorphism in Java?

(9) State the types of exception handling in Java?

(10) What do you mean by mutable and immutable in Java?

(11) Write down a code in C to generate the following pattern

(12) Why you want to join Atos?

(13) Difference between C and Java?


(1) They sometimes ask you the same question twice to check your alertness during the interview.

(2) If you don\'t know the answer for any question calmly say \'no\' don\'t ever try to bluff otherwise you will land yourself in big trouble.

(3) Be thorough with at least two programming languages if asked other than that language like Database Management, Php, Java script etc. Please just don\'t say that you don\'t know say that you don\'t know but you will learn if the company demands. Then you will be rated good points to learn new things. These small words make a difference.

(4) To trap you sometimes they will ask you questions in Hindi or Marathi please give your answer in English only. Don\'t be carried away.

HR Round Questions:

(1) Tell me something about your projects?

(2) Tell me about your family background? If you have your someone in your family as an engineer who is working in some company, they will definitely ask you that did you tried in that company through the reference of your family member.

(3) Any questions for us? Carefully listen the Pre Placement Talk to answer this question.

I was finally selected for Atos after my rejection from 5 companies. So, guys keeping trying don\'t lose your hope your chance will also come!!!