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ATOS Interview Experience - Nellore, Andhra Pradesh(November, 2014)
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Bhargavi Ati
I am Bhargavi Ati studying 4th B-TECH in Ramachandra College Of Engineering college in the stream of Computer Science. I attended for off-campus drive of ATOS in Nellore Narayana College. I had a great experience with the HRs of ATOS. They are so good and friendly with us. Now let me tell you my experience and the questions that they have asked me in all the rounds.

In GD:

Asked us to select our own topic and we selected "e-retail (online shopping)".

Before asking us to discuss they asked us to introduce ourselves individually.

Later they gave us some time to discuss about the topic and then we started discussing.

The discussion went well and each and every member in our group participated very actively.

Finally they asked each and every member in the group to give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of e-retail.

Some people gave more than 2 talked so much about the topic but I gave exactly 2 that too which are not repeated by others even though I am the last member to speak. There I made it!


They appreciated that we spoke well but at the same time they told us that being technical guys if we might have spoken more technical aspects of the topic it might be much more better!

In HR:

The next round is HR.

The panel contains 2 members but only 1 person interviewed me.

He asked me to tell something about myself.

Later he asked about my family and in particular he asked me of my father.

I answered well to these questions with confidence.

Later he saw my resume and asked questions regarding my project.

My project is "Student Attendance Monitoring System".

He asked your project is very simple then why did you choose it to do?

For that my answer is: Yes, you are right but I wanted to implement the things that I have learnt. I can learn things better through practicals hence I have chosen it to do.

He asked whether I am comfortable to work anywhere in the country. Without any hesitation I said yes. Actually this is the answer that they expect.

That\'s it there ends my interview! and I am confident that I will definitely go the next round and that came true!


For us technical round is Telephonic round.

There they asked me mostly the questions that were already asked in HR.

Those are tell about yourself and family.

Later they focused mainly on my project and asked questions by going deep in to it.

Any way the questions are very simple. They are like what are the technologies that I have used to develop my project and asked some questions from HTML.

I answered all the questions very confidently. There ends my Technical round! Finally I got selected!

The only skill which can help in interview is confidence!