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Atos Interview Experience - Mumbai. May, 2013.
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Bhavin Doshi
Just one advice for all job-seekers. Never loose confidence or down your morale. Always prepare your 100% for every company and success will be yours. This was my 19th company which I applied for and finally got placed.

I was recruited on campus and d thing was great about d process was that Atos gave result on that day itself. Dint have to wait long for the result.

Around 23 people were recruited from our college which is a good number.

First round was apti and was of a mediocre level. Time management is the key in this round. There were sections in the apti as in verbal, quant, lr. Just ask the authorities b4 aapti that is there a sectional cutoff or no. And strategies your time accordingly. Apti was online and different set for every person.

Verbal had 2 passages in it and you have to read and answer as fast as possible. Then there were typical verbal que like grammatically correct sentence out of the following, synonyms antonyms, etc.

Quant was difficult for me and was able to attempt very less que. Que from time and work, time speed distance, geometry, etc.

Lr was easy. Que of arrangement in circle and huge block diagrams will be there (we will have to understand d block diagram and answer the que).

Out of 200 odd people, they shortlisted around 45 from apti.

There were 2 interviews : 1 Technical and 1 HR.

Before the interview there was a no elimination essay writing round to judge us during the interviews.

Tech interview :

I am from exect background and the were separate panels fr tronix/telecom and Comps/it.

So the Extc panelists asked only about the que from Extc background and questions from the resume.

Prepare your resume thoroughly. I unfortunately studied java thinking that the panelist will ask coding questions being a coding company.

But luckily my resume showed that I did a course on java and so the panelists asked me que on java which I eased through. Some que included:.

Basic principles on java. Explain each with an example. WAP on printing Even numbers.

Then he asked me questions from my Extc background like:.

What is LAN, WAN?

How does handoff takes place in a mobile communications system?

What is blackdrop?

Technical questions from my essay.

Can the ip address same for 2 pcs?

I was able to answer 80% of the questions and he was quite impressed.

The authority told me that I cleared the tech round and I can give HR round.

HR round was kind of easy and lasted hardly 10-15 mins.

Basic HR que :

Tell me something about yourself ?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Are you OK with the bond clause?

Will you like to work in pune?

I was quite sure that they will select me and in an hour the results were out and I had a job in hand. !

A week later I was recruited by a bigger firm and so will not join ATOS.

Hope this was beneficial !

Good luck!