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Aricent Interview Experience- September 2018, Mysuru
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Hey there! I\'m Sahana, I\'m pursuing my graduation in computer science and engineering at GSSS institute of technology for women, Mysuru. We had Aricent campus drive at our college, well, it all started with online test, which includes both aptitude and technical questions, there were nearly 9 sections, each section had 3-9 questions.

The sections were,

1) Aptitude.
2) Logical.
3) Verbal.
4) DBMS.
5) Microprocessor.
6) Coding.
7) Code debugging.
8) Operating system.
9) Computer networks.

Questions were moderate to difficult, I would say basic knowledge of all these subjects would be enough to clear this round. Out of 190 students in whole 52 were shortlisted for next round that is technical interview. I was the last one to attend technical interview.

After a long wait of 3 hours I was called in. My interviewer was casual and he asked me about my hobbies, native and stuffs, and this really made me feel comfortable. He then started with his questions, first he asked me to write a program on stack implementation, and reversing a string, then he asked me to trace both the programs and to explain the same. He then asked me few questions on computer networks, operating system, oops, and he also asked me to brief about my projects. That\'s it!.

It took nearly 1 and half an hour. Then he asked me to wait for the results. I Thanked him and came out. Out of 52, 25 were shortlisted for HR interview and I was happy to see my name in that list. Trust me if you clear the technical round then HR round is nothing if you are confident. I wished my interviewer with a pleasing smile. She too seemed to be friendly. She asked me usual questions like.

Tell me about yourself,
Your strength and weakness,
A scenario based question,
And so on.

That\'s it! I was selected as one among 19 as software engineer with a package of 3.5lpa. Guys just brush up your technical skills before you attend technical interview, and be confident while you speak with HR. I WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST, BEST OF LUCK :).