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Aricent Interview Experience - Banglore August 10/2018
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Rasish Verma
Well it started with an online test which consists of aptitude and I was from ECE so it consisted of microprocessor 8085 programing questions and also C and data structures questions test was of 100 marks I guess.

After that they shortlisted around 108 students after the test 70-80 from cse 18 from ece and 7-10 from EEE.

Then next day we had interview they selected around 40 for hr for CSE then ece tech started, my number came, my interviewer was very friendly he asked me to write the program for factorial of a number using recursive, then he asked me about subjectz which all I had and one logical question as well, then ques related to c and c plus plus if you know something about CNN then it\'s very good as it is a networking company mainly.

I gave many answers accept the logical one, but I was confident key to clear any interview is be confident always whether you know anything or you don\'t know if you don\'t know anything make some clarification for that like this subject you have in this sem or else you need to brushup a subject as well etc.

Around 8 from ece ended for HR, In HR just be confident whatever you tell they asked me about my family background etc and why I didn\'t score well in my apti programing part then your achievements in also they will ask always in HR try to show your achievements whether in clg or school anything and show some extra skills apart from studying.

Atlast 33 were selected from our campus 7 from ECE including me. That was the first company which came to our college and mine first interview and was a lovely experience.

Also if you didn\'t get placed then don\'t loose hope there will be many companies coming always be motivated as it\'s not the end.