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Aricent Interview Experience - Amity University, NOIDA, September 7, 2015
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The interview took place at Amity, Noida. It was for 2016 batch. The criteria was 70% in the current degree. We had to sit in the interviews directly. They took 1 or more rounds of technical rounds but there was only one HR round.

The company works in Networking and OS so be prepared with the topics thoroughly.

The questions in the interview were from C language. No java or any other language was asked, so beware.

Q. Swap two numbers without temp variable.

Q. Without the use of mathematical operators.

Answer: Swap the numbers using addition, subtraction or multiplication, division.

Q. Use bit wise XOR "^" operator for the second question.

Q. Different layers of OSI and TCP model. (As the company is involved in networking).

Answer drew the layers and explained them.

Q. Where does re transmission of packets take place? (Tell the layer).

Answer: Network layer.

Q. Difference between multitasking and multi programming.

Answer: Multi programming opening different apps at a time. Multitasking accessing different tabs in a browser. Different threads of a program.

Q. WAP in C which does not compile in C++. WAP in C which does not run in C++.

The interviewer was calm and friendly. Do not become excessively casual. Remain calm and try to answer all the questions.