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Aricent Interview Experience - Chennai, Feb 9, 2015
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I\'m writing this in IndiaBIX, Because it helped me lots while preparing for interview. Thanks IndiaBIX.

I have attended Aricent interview on Feb 9th 2015.

The online test is conducted by AMCAT, It consists of following topics.

1. English (Simple with 2 passages and some Synonyms and Antonyms).

2. Logical Ability.

3. Quantitative Aptitude (No need to prepare much only basics no formula related problems).

4. Computer Programming (It covers DS, OOPS and Basic programming).

5. Computer Science (ONLY FOR CS/IT - It covers subjects like OS, DBMS, CN, CA).

6. Electronics (ONLY FOR NON CS - It covers Semiconductors and Microprocessors).

Well in preparation wise you need to more concentrate on technical stuff while preparing for Aricent. Give less importance to Quants and Logical.

Then After online test they announced the results. Only 25 out of 500 got selected.

Fortunately, I am one among them.

After that on the same day Technical interview.

In Technical interview for CS students they ask questions related to Data structures.

They asked me write some programs related to Sorting techniques (DO THROUGH WITH ALL SORTING TECHNIQUES ITS SO IMPORTANT TO CRACK THE ONLINE TEST TOO).

Then some programs Related to Strings, Linked lists and 8085 Microprocessor.

They expect us to write programs in C or C++, Microprocessor, Computer Architecture.

Be well prepared with your basics.

After Tech interview, they announced results immediately. Only 4 or 5 got selected.

Selected candidates are asked to fill the form. And then HR interview. HR interview is TOO FRIENDLY.

There is no Elimination for candidates who cleared technical interview.

After HR they gave us LOI on the same day itself.